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Pirate coves, princess castles or jungle scenes – kids’ rooms are the ideal spaces to embrace creativity. Explore their personalities to discover the right theme for their rooms.

Decorating a kid’s room opens up a whole new world of exciting design possibilities. It’s the perfect excuse to be as bold, brave or magical as you want. It calls for imagination and flexibility.

Children often grow faster than we would like them to, and naturally their interests and preferences change just as quickly. It’s not just a room to sleep in, it will be a playroom, a place to study, a space to have fun with friends and even a quiet place for them to retreat to, so it’s important that it works for all these things. Remember, your child needs a peaceful, friendly and stimulating environment to grow in. Another important aspect is not to lose sight of the educational aspect of the designs and décor ideas.

Here, I will share some décor ideas for kids’ rooms considering your child’s different developmental phases plus the effect that these various phases have on children’s space requirement and related needs.

Most importantly, decorating a child’s room should be fun for parents and children. It’s a chance to be creative in a way you probably wouldn’t be in any other room in the house.

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For ease of understanding we shall go by the progressive phases of children’s growth and development. In each group we will go into detail with respect to requirements, standard dimensions, orientations, colour schemes and much more.

a. Babies and toddlers

b. Pre-school children

c. Primary school children

d. Older / teenage kids

But before we go on to outline the age wise décor ideas for kids’ rooms let us see the common basis of design for each group.

Space plan/ floor plan:

Draw a plan that includes the height and position of existing features such as electrical outlets, windows, doors and any built-in wardrobe. Next, you draw the furniture you intend to use in the child’s room. Do not invest in furniture before you draw the foot prints and measure the space required for and around the piece of furniture.

List out the furniture requirement:

As per your child’s age and growing needs a furniture list can be made. All they need is a bed, a play/ study table, book cases/ shelves and a lot of storage options. In their imagination, mirrors, tables, chairs, curtains all have lives of their own and are capable of being playmates. Either you buy new furniture every time your child enters another stage of development, or you can from the very beginning buy furniture that “grows” with your child.

Colour scheme:

Kids grow up fast and before you know it a toddler room becomes a big boys/ girl’s room. It’s nice to have a colour scheme that will transition with your child so they can grow into the room. The best solution is to paint one wall as a focal wall that brings in a fun colour choice, leaving the others in a neutral shade.

Go with a theme:

Whether your child is playful and energetic, calm and sweet or a mixture of both, explore their personalities to discover the right theme for their rooms. Pirate coves, princess castles or jungle scenes – kids’ rooms are the ideal spaces to embrace creativity.

Play with accessories:

It’s much easier and simpler to incorporate a theme/ colour scheme with the help of accessories. Bedding, cushions, curtains, wall art/ decals, lightings, all can be changed in a short period of time without pinching a hole in your pocket.

Give it a personal touch:

Get personalised products for your kids room, it gives them a sense of belonging. Also, kids are born creative and their room is the ideal place to display their art work or a nice photo collage.

I hope, with the basics in place we are all set to furnish our kids’ rooms and in my coming posts I will try to share good and realistic ideas/ tips for designing a creative and imaginative room where your child will feel happy and at home and enjoy spending time there.

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