10 Dads on Social Media you must follow this Father’s Day

10 Dads on Social Media you must follow this Father’s Day Cover Image

Dads are funny, sweet and have a heart of gold. Our list of dads on social media proves that completely. Are you following them yet?

Father’s Day is here and in this piece, we’ve included dads on social media who put the style back in parenting and do it with elan.  These are people we absolutely love to follow!

Why? Because they don’t shy away from sharing the parenting task while laughing through it all. From stay-at-home bloggers to comic book illustrators, You Tube sensations to Twitter celebrities, Instagram dads to dads passionately championing the cause of feminism, we’re proud to feature these men who are all heart.

10 Dads on social media who are rocking it!


1. Father of Daughters AKA Simon

Where to follow him: Instagram or Facebook

What we love: One guy amidst five women. I mean, what’s not to love? Here is a father totally committed to the idea of parenting and doing it with a sense of humour, to boot! Follow him on Instagram as he takes you through the delightful world of bringing up four girls and he is more than glad to be outnumbered by them.

Image courtesy: Facebook


2. James Breakwell

Where to follow him: Twitter

What we love: Xploding Unicorn. Heard the name? It’s as hilarious as it is perfect for this dad of four girls who turns simple conversations at home into viral tweets. You’ll be rolling on the floor within minutes of reading these.

Image courtesy: Facebook


3. Sidharth Balachandran

Where to follow him: Blog/ Twitter

What we love: Sid, as he is known, is one of the few stay-at-home and work-from-home dads in India.  He chronicles the ups and downs of being a dad to his feisty son, Rishi, which involves dodging Lego blocks as well as questions thrown at him with alarming regularity! What endears him to his followers and readers is his sense of humour and of course, his championing the cause of dads taking on non-traditional roles. He’s one of BuzzingBubs’ favourite contributors!

Image courtesy: Facebook


4. Doyin Richards

Where to follow him: Facebook/ His blog

What we love: Daddy Doin’ Work, as he is popularly known, puts you at ease with his totally adorable kids on social media. He coaches a kindergarten basketball team for girls (how cute!), speaks up on parenting issues that concern everyone and especially people of colour (POC) and strives to make a difference in a world that is littered with stereotypes. Perhaps what is the most unique thing though is how he speaks openly about his depression.

Image courtesy: Facebook


5. Brian Gordon

Where to follow him: Facebook/ Instagram/ Website

What we love: Does the name sound unfamiliar? That’s because you probably know him better as the endearing dad behind the ‘Fowl Language Comics’ strip. Any parent who’s ever had to manage sleepless nights, sibling fights and absolute lack of logic when it comes to kids and their arguing skills would be familiar with this guy. His comics are both funny and a much-needed insight into the ground reality of being a parent.

Image courtesy: Facebook


6. Jordan Watson

Where to follow him: Facebook/ YouTube

What we love:  The absolutely hilarious videos this ‘How To Dad’ takes with his daughter, getting her to ‘help’ with chores, will have you laughing out loud.  Each of his videos ends with a ‘thumbs up’ sign to indicate that the task was successful. Need a break from all the stress of a work day? Follow him on Youtube. You just need to watch his video on ‘How to get a baby to clean the house‘ to understand what we mean. Trust us, there’s no child labour involved!

Image courtesy: Facebook


7. Man Who Has it All

Where to follow him:  Twitter and Facebook

What we love: This guy has a  perfectly-crafted spot on reference to the kinds of statements women hear all the time. He turns them all on their head by pointedly referencing men. This is sarcasm at its best. And the best part? He has an equal number of men and women as his fans. Now that’s a win on the social media stage!

Image courtesy: Facebook


8. Justin Trudeau

Where to follow him: Twitter

What we love: What? You’re surprised to see the Canadian Prime Minister on this list? You shouldn’t be. As he says, ‘You shouldn’t be afraid of the word ‘feminist’. Men and women should be proud to say that of themselves. And we agree. If a man in a position of power thinks this way, then it’s a natural thing for more people to think this way the more they hear it. He is one of the dads we really admire for calling it like it is and he’s committed to raising his kids to be feminists too!

Watch the video and swoon: Justin Trudeau urges men to be feminists

Image courtesy: Facebook


9. Beau: Lunchbox Dad

Where to follow him: Instagram

What we love:

Do you feel tired packing fun lunches for your kids, moms? Well, move over and watch in awe as the Lunchbox Dad does all of this and with creative food art, to boot. We are not in the least bit intimidated. Nope. Plus, it is really encouraging to see dads turn stereotypes out and hang them out to dry. His pictures on Instagram will have you drooling. Hey, maybe you should pack a lunch for yourself, not just the kids!

Image courtesy: Facebook


10. A Day in the Life of Dad

Where to follow him: Blog

What we love: The winner of best dad blog at the MAD Blog Awards in 2016, Jamie Day talks about the beauty of parenting through the lens of a dad. We have many mom bloggers in the business but somehow, hearing it from a dad who is so hands-on is heartwarming and encouraging. May we break more stereotypes this way. Do read his piece on what he’d like to tell his kids.

Image courtesy: Blog

Did we miss any dad out? Is there a dad you absolutely love following on social media? Let us know in the comments. We can all use a few more good men.

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