8 Spectacular coloring and activity books for kids

8 Spectacular coloring and activity books for kids Cover Image

There are ordinary activity books and then there are artist’s books that unleash a child’s imagination. Check out our list of activity books that are absolute masterpieces.

From a marvelous documentation scrapbook guide and Zentangle for Kids to doodling with great artists and making great art, here are 8 marvelous concept-based sketchbooks and activity books for children.


1. My Crazy Inventions Sketchbook: 50 Awesome Drawing Activities for Young Inventors

Your child may have the mad skills to be an inventor. This book gives them tons to do — they can throw crazy ideas around, draw, visualize, create, describe and even read some scientific facts and trivia about inventors along the way. Kids are encouraged to invent dry land swimming machines and chairs that balloon up and give you a seat! The book also teaches them about patents and how to implement one’s crazy ideas.

So go ahead, buy this book and let your kids explore what they would like to see if they could invent their own x-ray goggles!

Age group: 5 years +

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2. Draw it! Color it!

Some of the greatest children’s illustrators will bend your child’s mind in this beautiful compilation of coloring and creative art work activities. From drawing teeth on a lion that’s gobbling up a man to drawing or adding details to indescribable creatures, this book will hone your child’s artistic vision in many ways.

Age group: 3 years + (adult supervision for younger children)

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3. Let’s Make Some Great Art

This book introduces a child to the works of great artists like Leonardo da Vinci and Picasso but in a fun manner. Your child can understand high art in simple ways – draw funny Mona Lisa copies but understand the elements of the painting. Kids can make animals from inky fingerprints, make squiggle art, collages, junk art, marble art, and much more.

Age group: 8 years +

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4. Cinderella Press Out and Play

This book is perfect for kids who are nuts about fairy tales. Giant Press Out books come with 6 press out dolls and more than 200 press-out pieces, including clothes, props, shoes, pieces of the scenery and more! This book is a double delight – your child can do press out art and also enact the Cinderella story.

Age group: 3 years +

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5. Zentangle for Kids

They are all the rage and they are now available for kids. This particular book is perfect for the 6 to 12 age group. Where needed, a parent can guide the child about strings, how to create them, understand poke leaf tangles, bales and other techniques that will make them into passionate tanglers!

Age group: 5 years +

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6. How to Be an Explorer of the World

This marvel of a book is all about exploring and documenting the world not only as a scientist or as an artist but as both. For instance, one activity says “collect objects based on how they reflect light. List the different qualities such as reflective, translucent, retracting, mottled, etc. Try to collect 30 objects.” Kids can go on archaeological digs in the neighborhood, put together sound maps, make tactile boards, look for interesting garbage, explore libraries, go on self-ethnography quests, conduct thought experiments and most importantly, wander aimlessly!

Age group: 7 years +

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7. Sticker Doodle You

A fun book full of creative doodling opportunities, there are stickers, doodling scenes and more. From drawing aliens and unicorns, patterns on fishes and performances on stage to doodling scenes in busy places all over the world or dream car designs, this doodle book also has more than 200 stickers and is a real treat!

Age group: 5 years +

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outside the lines

8. Outside the Lines

A self-dubbed artist’s book, Outside the Lines has pictures so magnificent that they can be colored and framed to be displayed as pieces of art. Filled with doodles, sketches, illustrations and cues to get the kids to draw, what makes this book special is that it is populated by the work of not just illustrators but also video game artists, street artists, graphic designers and photographers. No wonder it will expand your budding artist’s horizon like no other!

Age group: 4 years +

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