Coding for kids: why should kids get started, and how they can find success

Coding for kids: why should kids get started, and how they can find success Cover Image

What makes coding cool. It’s benefits and advantages. How it helps develop personality traits and why your kids should get into it! All this and more in this article…read on!

We use software throughout the day, most of the time without even giving it a second thought. From the moment we turn off our alarm clocks to the movie sessions with your little ones – it’s all there! The development of Artificial Intelligence, smart devices, smart homes, computer operated cars are changing the world around us (for the better!) and that only means a window of opportunity to teach our little ones not only something that’s extremely pertinent to their lifestyle but that’s interesting as well.

We’re used to the idea that programming is a skill that only adults can put to use. However, there are new learning platforms that allow children to understand the basics of coding as well.

Building a future

With the basics of coding within their skillset, the future for kids look bright to say the least. Whether its pursuing it as education or just for pleasure, the world of coding can open doors (both practical and creative!) When it comes to ‘having an edge’ – coding definitely provides that. From honing special skill sets to tuning the mind to think and adapt with agility, coding does all that and more.

Better sooner than later

While most adults still remember the world before broadband internet it’s important to know that there are kids who know nothing about the world where Google, YouTube, and social media platforms don’t exist. Moreover, while some adults are still facing challenges when trying to use tablets and diverse apps, kids at the age of 6 can easily create their own YouTube channel or start their blog (according to an article published by Forbes). In fact, there’s definite proof that children can and will adopt computer languages like Java or PHP faster than adults.

If this wasn’t compelling enough, according to research performed and published by Harvard University, kids adopt a foreign language faster than adults. The reason why kids have an easier time learning new languages is that in the early age brain develops neural connections much faster and, in time, becomes specialized to reinforce those pathways which are already paved. Nerd mode off, this means that if the children start learning to code at an early age, their brains will become more specialized in this area and will be able to take more complex steps easier than adults who are just starting to take on the basic principles of coding.

Learning to code improves personal traits


Creativity is a personal trait that can be improved through work. When coding, kids have to find the optimal way to use a series of commands to develop an app, video game, or website. As time goes by and kids gather experience, their creativity builds up, allowing them to find simple but effective coding solutions.

Problem Solving Skills

Building an app or any piece of software requires a high level of problem-solving skills. As they learn to code, kids also learn to break a large problem into a series of smaller challenges. This way, kids develop crucial skills required to rationalize issues and approach a problem using logic.

Eye for Details & patience

Coding also builds an eye for details. Since just a small typing error or placing a command in a wrong place can stop any piece of software from running, kids learn to pay attention to details and build patience and persistence. Bonus – since most programmers work in a team, coding also helps kids learn how to function with others and build communication skills.

The 20th century was the age of mechanical engineering; we placed our trust into people to design the world we are living in. However, the 21st century is a digital era and the new age requires new tools! And if nothing else makes sense, children should learn how to code to understand the world around them more profoundly!

About the Guest Author

Justin is a blogger from Leicester, England, UK. When not teaching his little students and rooting for Leicester FC, he loves to share his thoughts and opinions about education, writing for college reviews and blogging with other people on different blogs and forums. 

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