10 super cool ideas for your Christmas shopping list!

10 super cool ideas for your Christmas shopping list! Cover Image

Fill up Santa’s bag and your little one’s stockings with these goodies for that perfect gift this festive season. Check out our top 10 gift ideas that deserve to be on your Christmas shopping list this season!

1. Christmas Themed Natural Soaps, Lucky Red Seed

Contact: Aparna Vinod
Website/Facebook: facebook.com/redluckyseed
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2. Christmas DIY Kits, Templetree

Contact: Imran
Website/Facebook: www.templetreepaper.com
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3. Personalised Stocking, Little Charms

Contact: Little Charms
Website/Facebook: littlecharms.net
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4. Cupcakes from Ms.K

Contact: Katherene
Website/Facebook: www.mskcupcakes.in
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5. Christmas tree ornaments and table tops – Varnam Toys

Contact: Varnam
Website/Facebook: facebook.com/VARNAMS
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6. Christmas Goodies – Everything Stops for T

Contact: Chef Julius
Website/Facebook: facebook.com/thebierestreet
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7. Christmas Head Bands – Party Hunterz

Contact: Party Hunterz
Website/Facebook: www.partyhunterz.com
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8. Felt Products – Craft World

Contact: Nandini
Website/Facebook: facebook.com/CRAFTWORLDPROJECTS
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9. Ceramic Christmas assortments – Jamals

Contact: Stephanie J
Store: The Forum, Whitefield
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10. Festive cushions for the kids room – Dinitz Designz

Contact: Nita
Website/Facebook: facebook.com/DnitzDesignz
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