Make this pretty Nature Print Christmas Wreath for your home!

Make this pretty Nature Print Christmas Wreath for your home! Cover Image

Christmas decorations are the most fun part of the festival. All things in red, green and gold truly bring out the magic of Christmas. Here is a fun simple activity that allows you to make your own unique Christmas ornament and celebrate nature all at once!

Step by step instructions

1. Clean the leaf thoroughly by wiping it down if necessary with water.

2. Using your sponge applicator, apply paint on the rough side of the leaf. Remember to dab the sponge on the leaf and not to use brush strokes.


3. Once all parts of the leaf are covered with paint, turn it around and press it down on the cardstock. Repeat this process for all the colours you have chosen to work with. As I was making a Christmas wreath, I chose red and green.


4. Once you have all your prints, cut them out and set them aside.


5. Cut out a circular base on the cardstock. Place your prints on the base, till you arrive at an arrangement that works for you. Paste the prints in place. And let it dry.

6. Once the wreath is dry embellish it with beads and lace or other embellishments of your choice.


7. And there you have your own unique Christmas wreath!


This post was originally published on The Craft Caravan

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