7 Innovative games and activities for kids this Diwali

7 Innovative games and activities for kids this Diwali Cover Image

This Diwali, we bring you some innovative ways to infuse excitement and uniqueness to your celebrations by involving the kids.

The festival of lights is around the corner with its symbolic victory of virtuousness over evil. It is celebrated all over India with a uniformity in fervour and enthusiasm. Arriving almost at the fag end of the celebratory season in India, it’s a great time to celebrate Diwali with kids, blending the goodness of colours, lights, fireworks, and plenty of delectable goodies in one sweep.

However, kids need to understand that festivals are not just about celebrations. A bit of community awareness, a little responsibility and some thought for others goes a long way in retaining the significance of our ancient customs and traditions. How about bringing in a little twist this year?

Here are 7 novel ways kids can enjoy Diwali

1. Make cleaning a family affair

Yes, you heard that right. Spring cleaning during Diwali is a customary ritual that involves the clearing of clutter and excess in the house to allow for positivity and energy to enter your homes. We think it’s fun to involve the kids in re-arranging their closet or library in interesting ways. For instance, the books can be re-grouped by size, colour or title. It’s a great way to teach them the significance of the activity as well as to hand over the mantle of responsibility.

2. Experience the joy of giving

Kids outgrow toys and clothes on a regular basis and this is an opportune time to teach them the joy of giving. As you stack away gently-used old clothes and toys, explain how these might benefit the less-privileged. You could also do a trip to a nearby orphanage along with slightly older kids or have them volunteer for a community contribution for a more personal touch. This is also a chance to help your kids practice gratitude as they learn to count their blessings.

3. Bring out the aesthetic sense

Every house wears a festive look during Diwali and here’s a chance for kids to flex their aesthetic muscles. Being house-proud is a trait that will hold them in good stead much after they fly the coop and set up independent homes. Allot specific rooms or corners to set it up the way they like it. Give them a free hand while also suggesting ways to brighten their space with diyas or decorate it with new cushion covers and fairy lights.

4. Handcraft lights

Most houses hang kandils or paper lanterns in different shapes and sizes outside their homes or in their balconies. The streets and rows of houses glimmer like stars in the sky during the days that lead up to Diwali and after. While there are plenty of them readily available in the market, there’s nothing like bringing a personal touch to celebrations and kids who love art and craft work will be more than happy to bring out the colourful papers and glitters to make their own. There are even specific workshops that teach this art to kids.

5. Don the hat of a master chef

What’s a festival without delicious goodies to satiate the foodie in us! How about letting your kids don the hat of a little chef this time and letting them bake simple treats for you? They would love the free rein in a territory that’s normally restricted and this is a lovely way to initiate them into learning the culinary nuances and goodness of food.

6. Be an Eco-warrior

If you live in an apartment complex, all the burnt firecrackers could leave a distasteful litter all over the place if not regulated. Kids can be powerful eco-warriors and can set up a kids community in the apartment to teach everyone the safe ways of lighting the crackers and earmark a specific common area for bursting firecrackers.

7.  Plan a party  

Joy is multiplied when shared. Traditionally, Diwali was a time when friends and family met up and exchanged gifts and sweets to seal the bond of love and togetherness. Today, as families stay in different cities for most of us, friends and neighbours double up as relatives. The younger generation thriving on gadgets needs to be pulled into building an offline support group and what better time than during the festive season! Encourage your kids to call their friends over for a potluck of sorts where each of them brings treats from their homes to share and enjoy the fun and camaraderie.

Did you like these ideas? Would you try them out? We’d love to know how you plan to celebrate Diwali this time.

Wishing you all a happy, safe, and prosperous Diwali!

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