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Teach your little ones how to use the camera, and they will show you a lovely world that they see in little bits and pieces and beautiful morsels.

Cameras are omnipresent in the forms of phones, tablets, computers, watches, eye glasses, and cameras. Cameras in all shapes and sizes. The whole idea behind a camera was to capture the moment and treasure the essence of it with us forever. But alas! We tend to be so lost in the lens that the real moment is left long behind and we are nowhere aware of it even when it slips by. The selfies, usies and just click click click is sure to get the kids to misunderstand the gadget.

So let’s try another way to use it better. Camera for a kid might sound frivolous in the beginning, but try it out and see. 

If your kid is not a proven Mr./Ms.Butterfingers dropping things, following the orders of Lord Newton, then you can give him an old digital camera that is small and handy (make sure they understand the need to tie the safety latch which comes with the camera, around their wrist).


You also have an option of buying toy cameras which work like real ones but with lesser features and are more sturdy.(Fisher Price has one with a nice colourful cushioned latex layer).

Now the game goes like this: Spot & Click – Spot the object and click it’s 

Location – Living Room
Camera – charge it properly, 
Memory card
and some undivided attention from you

 – If it is in a living room, describe the object you have in mind in the way they understand.

If you have a “red refrigerator” you can tell them –“Find a big red thing in the room and click the picture” (never mind if they click half objects, they are the art forms in rage now, or if the kid is a little older you can say something like “Click the thing that makes your water cold or that keeps your ice-cream from melting”

 Couple of ideas if it’s in living room
 “Sofa” – A huge brown/black color thing in the room – or a soft place to sit,
 “TV” – A black rectangle on the wall which lights up or a box which shows moving pictures,
 “Fan” – Turns like a wheel on the top or cools the room when on. “
Cupboards” – Keeps all your things safe behind the doors.

These are just a couple of ideas to get you started. You might actually notice a lot of interesting things lying around in your living room.

 If it’s a park then the options are endless
, you can describe a flower, tree, birds, clouds and their patterns, swings and slides and many more. 

The objective is to help the kids observe the things around them in terms of characteristics – look, touch, feel, uses, attributes etc. You also improve their language skills by teaching them words by use. A word taught by usage rather than the meaning or synonym, is retained better. They also find it easier to put it to use sooner in their sentences. Don’t we all love to chuckle when a new word creeps into their conversation quietly.

The game improves their ability to use the camera, and polishes their skills for use on trips. You can print the photographs they take in small sizes and make a scrap book out of it. Make a story book for your family with those pictures and look at their beaming faces.

So many ways to learn and make it more fun!

PS: Spare the kids from selfies and poses, even in Greek mythology Narcissus didn’t have too much fun.

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