Camping with kids- Ideas and Tips

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Towards the end of summer and mid monsoons, it’s the best time to begin the idea of camping with kids. 
There is a sense of thrill and adventure when you pitch up a tent and set out to explore the experience. 
Kids and adults are excited equally when it comes to camping and packing for it.

So here are some pointers that I can give based on my experience on camping with kids:

Where you can camp:

Fields: You can request for space in the fields closest to you (daytime camping)

2. Backyards/ A 
Farm: Overnight, if you own the place or if it is safe enough

3. Terrace: 
Well, even a room or a big balcony in the house will do at times

If you are camping outdoors or overnight pack these necessary things:


1. Tent
2. Flashlight (Extra set of batteries on safe side)

3. Mosquito repellent (Cream, spray, coil – whichever form  you like)

4. A change of clothes 
(Depending on the weather – raincoats or warm clothes)

5. Extra pair of comfortable footwear/ shoes

6. First Aid Kit

7. Most important
: Snacks and some drinks

8. Umbrella

9. Sunscreen (in case you are in the habit of using it)

10. Camera to capture your memories

11. Battery pack for your phone/charger if you have a power outlet facility

12. Couple of foldable chairs (or mats/rugs if space is a problem)

13.Lots of food: Kids seem to get either ravenous or curious about the food in such situations. Don’t forget to pack the disposable plates, glasses, tissues
 and water bottles.

What you can do while camping:

If it’s outdoors you can plan some activities with the kids:

1. Ball games, going on nature walks, picking some tidbits for scrap books, bird watching, star gazing, clicking spree and lot more.

2. If you are feeling adventurous for cooking over an open fire then make necessary arrangements; pre- cooked dishes can be reheated and had piping hot. A charcoal grill is another wonderful option.

3. Pack in some light mattresses and sheets and couple of cushions. You can all scoot inside the tent for some cozy board game sessions or a round of UNO!


4. A small lamp that can hang from the center is a good idea to keep the tent well lit. Throw in some storybooks that the kids love, so that they can read and exchange stories while they lie down after a run outdoors.

Well this is just to get you started. You can go ahead and pack it all and have a blast


If you have no opportunity to camp outdoors but would love to have the experience, pick your terrace or a room that’s free of furniture in your home. You can set up the tent happily and watch the kids have a ball.

Sleepovers can become more fun if it’s a camping party in the safe confines of home. You can have story telling sessions and dinner/lunch parties and board game marathons right in there. 

It’s the experiences that you gift them that matter.
 A tent could be a swanky purchase at Decathalon or a couple of bamboo sticks tied together with old sheets to make your space.

Good luck and have fun planning some awesome memories for you and your little ones.

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