Call of the wild: A poem

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In this poem, one mom speaks of the need to do away with caging animals and letting them live in the magic of the wilderness, where they belong.

The ‘Call of the Wild’ is something that stirs the deepest of passions within us. It puts us in touch with Nature in its raw, pure form. It instils awe in the majesty that is the animal kingdom. It humbles the greatest of us in the way it talks about the cruelty of confining animals to a life behind bars.

In this heartfelt and beautiful poem, Sudha Balachandran talks about the need for man and animal to co-exist without the barriers of a zoo. As you read, you’ll find yourself agreeing with her.

On a bright and sunny Sunday morning,
We set out with our spirits soaring,
To be a part of nature and to hear the song of the lark-
Off we went to our City’s National Park.

We saw the baby elephant, small and cute

But unable to move or run, because of Man- the Brute!
For around its legs was tied a heavy chain
Causing the cub unbearable pain.

Saw monkeys of several kinds – we smiled at them merrily,
But they were all alone in their cages, without their family,
Looking at us through woebegone eyes;
Had we stood still – we’d have heard their agonized sighs.

There were plenty of birds in a single cage
Like innumerable words in a printed page;
With hope in their heart, to be let out in the sky;
For there was hardly any space to move, let alone fly.

The state of the foxes was a sadder plight,
They kept scampering in their cage, in fright;
The panther, sitting atop rocks, happy they seemed,
Until one awoke, tried to move, but only limped.

All these animals, kept in a zoo for us to see,
Without giving a thought to what their feelings be,
Removed from their family and natural home,
To suffer the visitors’ cat calls and harsh tone.

We returned from the zoo with a heavy heart,
Praying for their health and safety, knowing their freedom can’t be got.
We urge you all – to the animals, PLEASE be fair,
They need our love, warmth and tender care.

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