Nature – the craft store all around you

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The world around us is so delightful; all we need to do is look! Go on take that walk in the open and let your imagination do the rest!

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With a multitude of all in one crafting shops around today crafters are spoilt for choice. Earlier limited availability meant using what was readily seen around and analyzing what would work. This substitution is an essential part of crafting as it goes beyond aesthetics to the realm of investigation. Don’t get me wrong I have nothing against fancy craft stores, in fact I troll them every once in a while and pick up more than I need.

This weekend I took a walk in the biggest soul space my city offers to see what I could pick up from the ‘natural craft store’. It was nothing like I had imagined, the ground was littered with hundreds of seeds, leaves in myriad hues, flowers and sticks of all sizes. How I wished I had carried a bigger bag. After picking up a few seeds, boats shaped seeds and a few leaves I came back home elated – zero money spent, grateful lungs, serene mind and legs that have been put to use after months!

Here is the stuff I collected:


Here is what came out of it!


While working with natural products always chose your glue wisely. Good old fevicol failed me and I ended up using silicon glue which worked with magical efficiency.


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