Breastmilk Jewellery: A keepsake, for life!

Breastmilk Jewellery: A keepsake, for life! Cover Image

Special memories and moments in one’s life is worth preserving, especially those that concern your babies. Seeing them grow can be emotional – pride, nostalgia, excitement – all wrapped up into one strong feeling. So, why not preserve some of the most cherished milestones when you can. In this article, you’ll read about a new way of making sure that your most beloved memories with your little one’s are there with you forever.

It’s the journey that matters

I am one of those sentimental moms who likes to document every milestone of my child and preserve every keepsake possible. I believe there is no memory too big or small that is not worth capturing. My emotions around pregnancy, childbirth and new motherhood are incredibly powerful and I believe there is an endless list of memorable moments of motherhood to celebrate. So, aside from capturing a million photos of my baby (Mum’s, you know I’m not kidding!) I still find ways to hold on to the beautiful memories that include my pregnancy and breastfeeding journey. 

No doubt, breastfeeding is the most natural thing in the world. It provides immeasurable health benefits for both mother and child. Liquid gold as it is often called, it is a source of complete nutrition for a new-born. Mum’s, did you know that breastfeeding for one year is approximately 1,800 hours? incredible, right!

Well, I’m here at 22 months and still going strong, my breastfeeding journey is something I am proud of. All you mommies will agree with me when I say that breastfeeding is hard work and it is one of the most selfless acts. I have my moments of pure happiness and pure despair too. I fondly remember the first moments of bliss at the beginning of my maternal journey.  There have been countless sleepless nights, yet beautiful moments, when my baby, soothed by the sound of my voice, calmly drifted away to sleep in my arms. I still savour the sleepless nights where my baby-girl looks up at me sleepily and grins. There are days of cluster feedings round the clock or fussy feeds during teething. But I confess, breastfeeding my daughter has been an unforgettable and rewarding experience. 

A special moment to cherish

This private moment with my little one is truly special to us because it has strengthened our bond. To me, breast-feeding has been a very memorable chapter, a cuddle-filled ritual with warmth and love – it is simply priceless! To my daughter, it has given an incredible gift of comfort, nutrition and sense of safety all by hearing my hear-beat while nursing.

I still am totally in awe of our breastfeeding journey and have a newfound respect for all mothers. It has been so empowering that I wanted a memorable way to honour this momentous journey. I wanted to keep the memories of the twinkle in my baby’s eye when she cuddled up to my breast, the joy of her first smile, the cute burps and spit ups. That is why, to mark this achievement and to remember a very emotional and rewarding part of my motherhood journey, I decided on getting my own one of a kind range of jewellery.

Breastmilk Jewellery: preserve your precious moments & memories

Breastmilk jewellery is made from breastmilk and is of sentimental value for first-time mothers like me. This concept is so beautiful, wonderful and touching. It is genetically love-laced jewellery that commemorates every mother’s incredible journey. It is a special reminder to my daughter when she grows up, of what helped her become who she is. It’s something of us, of my little one and me – only ours. The collection is as follows:

Breastmilk Silver Pendant and Earrings Set

A breastmilk pearl pendant on a silver chain – this ornament is a sentimental memento in a classic setting. The shape and size are prominent and is sure to catch everyone’s attention. I describe them as ‘tiny time capsules’ of wearable jewellery. This pendant is a classic souvenir which I will wear as a badge of honour!

The elegant earrings are simple pearl drops that are graceful, consistent in their lightness, and captures the eye with their extraordinary form. This piece is beautifully handcrafted with silver details. It is simple but striking and is perfect for a clean timeless look.

Finger Ring

Modern and simplistic with the perfect flair of elegance, this unique and out-of-the-ordinary piece is custom designed. A simple gold ring with a milk pearl and the motif of a leaf. This is a perfect combination of elegance, beauty and precious memories. I know that I will want to pass this one on for generations as a true heirloom piece.

Umbilical Cord Stumps Pendant

I wanted something to symbolise my pregnancy and this pendant is just perfect. It means the world to me because it represents a very special phase of my life that lasted 9 months. It is a physical reminder of the miracle of childbirth because the umbilical cord connects the baby with the mother. It is a sacred part of the mother-baby bond, because it literally is the lifeline which nourishes the baby whilst it’s in its mother’s womb.

With its high lustre, this breath-taking pearl-shaped resin pendant set in gold. The stump inclusion within the resin is the remainder of the umbilical cord that gave my baby nutrients and oxygen.

Keychains from Breastmilk

These key chains remind me (as it would for all of you), the breastfeeding moments – of milestones and momentous occasions! These personalized milk keychains are a gorgeous addition to the growing collection.

The who and how of it: about Thaarika and jewellery making

Thaarika from ‘The Liquid Pearl’ is very passionate in capturing and creating one-of-a-kind memorabilia keepsake jewellery. A mother of a 14-month-old baby boy herself, she understands the emotions that mother’s go through and crafts these special keepsakes that lasts a lifetime. As a budding lactation consultant, she not only knows the importance of breastmilk and breastfeeding, but also gives additional care and encourages moms to exclusively breastfeed their babies. After some interaction with her, I shipped my breastmilk as per instructions. She kept me up to date every step of the way. She was very responsive and creatively incorporated the idea that I wanted. Just as I would with my own special memories, Thaarika handled mine with great care and, made these pieces with love. She even safely hand-delivered the gold jewellery after travelling 200 kms!

The breastmilk goes under a unique process of preservation. The entire process of jewellery creation is constantly monitored to produce a special and original piece of the highest quality. She uses a very professional method of preserving breastmilk so that it retains its colour and finishing forever.

These keepsakes will carry with them distinct memories that will never be forgotten.  This is a beautiful way to keep the lovely reminders of my motherhood journey with me forever. So, here’s to the long days and seemingly endless nights of feeding! Here’s to celebrating 22 months of liquid gold and memories to cherish forever. I believe our lives are built on moments. These are the moments we want to capture in our memories.

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