10 Sensory toys that your neurodiverse children will love

10 Sensory toys that your neurodiverse children will love Cover Image

From Kinetic sand and vowel hand puppets to rocket balloons, let your children feast on these marvelous sensory toys that offer rich experiences in play.

Neurodiverse is a wonderful way to describe children who are different learners and have more sensorial needs than others. And let’s face it, every child loves toys that fire the imagination and stimulate the senses.

These 10 fantastic sensory toys are fabulous for all. Take a look!

1. Car slope


Age group: 1.5 to 4 years

Perfect for: Visual tracking, sensory input.

This toy from Skola is one of our favorites. It is perfect for visual tracking but more than anything else, the thrill of watching those cars sliding from left to right is just perfect.

2. Kinetic sand


Age group: 3 years and above

Perfect for: Sensory input, focus, sensory integration, play therapy.

This magical, three-dimensional sand is advertised as being perfect for children who have ADHD or sensory integration issues or as a stress buster. But trust us, every child will want to play with this toy. Kinetic sand sticks to itself but not to objects or hands and looks luminous and beautiful, much like clay. The texture of the sand is squishy and soothing. It is also a pleasure to watch one’s creations come to life with the sand.

3. Sensory Ball


Age group: 3 years and above

Perfect for: Building sensory awareness, stress relief, multi-sensorial play.

 You must have seen these colorful and nubbly balls at checkout counters in toy stores or malls. Even adults use them! They are fun ways to increase sensory awareness in children and to relieve stress. Tactile, visually stimulating and fun, these balls are great way to spend one’s time!

4. Magna Tiles


Age group: 3 years and above

Perfect for: Focus, creativity, imaginative play.

Children just love Magna Tiles. They have magnets built in and can stick to all sides. Building spires and houses can be very fulfilling, and this toy is great for sensory input and discovering geometry and to build, build, build! They come in different colors but we prefer these glazed tiles, because they are that much more appealing to the senses.

5. Mad Mattr Doh


Age group: 3 years and above

Perfect for: Sensory input, focus, fine and gross motor development, creative skills.

As enticing as the Kinetic Sand, the Mad Mattr Doh is a multisensorial experience that cannot be put into words. Luminous, beautiful and soft to touch, Mattr Doh is toxin-free and never dries out; this one is a feast for the senses.

6. Wikki Stix


Age group: 3 years and above

Perfect for: Reading, writing, developmental delays, kinesthetic learners, multisensorial learning.

We prefer these to 3D pens. Wikki Stix are colored sticks that stick to any smooth surfeace with just a little pressure from the fingertips. What is amazing about this is that it can be used across the board — for writing, building, playing and so much more. It doesn’t stick, there is no glue and they peel in and out effortlessly. Perfect for tactile exploration and to build visual-spatial skills, you can also doodle and then put Wikki Stix on them like we did!

7. Balancing Monkeys


Age group: 3 to 6 years

Perfect for: Visualization, fine motor skills, coordination, balance, focus.

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this toy. It helps children understand balance, numbers and also helps them focus. It also develops fine motor skills in children.

8. Skola alphabet finger puppets


Age group: 3 to 7 years

Perfect for: Children learning to read, children who work at their own pace at reading.

These vowel hand puppets are perfect for kids who have difficulty with blending sounds and reading words and for children with developmental delays. Combine this with a balloon rocket, which helps children lateralize their gaze and get on to reading better.

9. Boogie Board Play n Trace


Age group: 3 to 8 years 

Perfect for: Preschoolers, children with developmental delays, children with learning difficulties, kinesthetic learners.

Children with developmental delays and learning disabilities need multi-sensorial ways to make the letter shapes and sounds stick in their memories. This is a wonderful way to create that learning. And let us tell you a secret. All kids love this one!

10. Gearation


Age group: 4 to 8 years

Perfect for: Sensory input, open ended, visual appeal.

Gearation is perfect for sensory input and the spinning is beneficial for children with special needs. Even otherwise, Gearation is both fun and soothing at the same time.

Which of these do you think you’ll buy for your kids? Share your experience with us. 

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