5 Incredible benefits of storytelling for kids

5 Incredible benefits of storytelling for kids Cover Image

From empathy to creativity, find out why storytelling is really important for your children.

Have you ever thought about the benefits of storytelling? Let’s answer a simple question – how often do you indulge in storytelling with your child? Many of you would answer, rarely or never. With a lot of working parents and lesser amount of free time, children tend to incline towards and get addicted to technology – and in the process, the art of storytelling is lost.

Storytelling forms a major part of a child’s overall personality development. It is one such thing that has been a part of everyone’s childhood and can be helpful to parents as well as children. While it can help connect parents with children, listening to these stories can help a child to shut down their gadgets and escape from the many adverse effects it has on them.

Here are the many benefits of storytelling that you’d love

1. It helps inculcate values in children

Children love listening to stories. Wanting to know more about their favourite characters and learn about the different situations that arise in the story are enticing. Stories come with meaningful messages. They tend to inculcate values like courage, bravery, honesty, wisdom from an early age.

2. Enhances their verbal proficiency

When you read out stories to your children, they tend to learn newer words and phrases. This also helps them to get familiar with the language as well as learn the pronunciation of the newer words they just learnt.

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3. Improves listening skills

Children tend to get distracted easily, meaning, they have a lesser attention span and hence find it difficult to focus on something for a long time. On the contrary, storytelling allows a child to concentrate and be more attentive, since they are keen to know what happened next and hence improves their listening skills.

4. Ignites their imagination

Storytelling lets a child imagine the characters, the setting, places, plot and situation. It is a visual medium that allows a child to hone his imaginative skills, and he becomes open to ideas and learns to think freely, without restrictions.

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5. Sharpens memory

Remember how we spoke about using cue cards to engage your child in story time? You can use this to help sharpen your child’s memory. Try asking them questions related to the story. You can ask them to give you a summary of the story or talk about a certain character’s trait.

Young learners share an exceptional assortment of personal experiences and values. The language they hone in their classroom as well as home works as a tool to shape their thoughts and feelings. It is considered more than just a tool to exchange information and ideas. It is a means to reach out to and connect with others around us. Stories help us to not only link the classroom and home to the world beyond our imagination but also provide a common thread that helps bridge the cultural gap.

In all, storytelling helps children fare better academically in later years, since they have a fair amount of knowledge about the many stories and tales. They can easily borrow ideas along the way to create new ones by honing their writing and creativity skills, making their work richer and far more interesting.

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