7 Ramayana colouring pages for kids you can download now!

7 Ramayana colouring pages for kids you can download now! Cover Image

Ready to add some colour to your festive celebrations? Check out these amazing Ramayana colouring pages for kids! Don’t wait. Download them today!

The festive season brings with it joy, togetherness, happiness and a lot of colour! And no festive season is complete without gathering around to listen to the story of Lord Ram. Now, here is something that brings all of these things together –  a delightful book on the Ramayana by Wake UP Publishers,and that’s not all, you even get an adorable collection of Ramayana colouring pages depicting popular scenes from great epic! With this, you can colour away with your kids and teach them too.



A Bond of a Lifetime!

Prince Lakshmana was inseparable from Prince Rama since his childhood. His love and loyalty for his brother knew no bounds and so he insisted on accompanying him into the forest for an unforgettable journey.

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An Unlikely Friendship!

While they lived there, the Vulture King Jatayu befriended them and often stood guard for Sita whenever the princes ventured into the forest for food.

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The Mighty Hanuman!

Hanuman, the son of the Wind God Vayu could leap miles and miles easily. As a valiant and powerful warrior with immense strength and speed, Hanuman came to the rescue for both Lord Rama and Sita in a unique way. He even went to her with Lord Rama’s ring to give her hope.

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Master of all Trades!

Prince Rama trained in many forms of warfare. He excelled in archery, hunting and horse riding while learning the values of Dharma and always living by them.

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Faith is the Light That Guides you Through Darkness

Sita patiently waits and keeps faith that her prince will defeat Ravana and take her home rightfully. She refuses to flee away stealthily but decides instead to have hope and look forward to her Ram coming to her.

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The One with the 10 Heads!

Ravana was not a mere mortal, but a ten-headed demon King. Through his penance for the great God Brahma, he got a boon that made him invincible even by the Gods. He could cause earthquakes and storms and owned a chariot called the “Pushpak Vimana” that could fly great distances easily.

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Good Wins Over Evil!

Ravana who had a boon that no Demon or God could kill him met death at the hands of a human. Upon defeating him, Lord Rama cried “This is not my victory alone. It is our victory, a victory for justice and truth.” Henceforth, this victory of good over evil be celebrated as Dussehra.” And the rest is history!

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So, get those colour pencils and crayons out folks and start celebrating! These fun Ramayana colouring pages by Wake UP Publishers is as entertaining as they are educational. Reach out to +91-9884618856 to buy your copy of “Ramayana Story Book” today.

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