Baking with kids: 5 easy steps to bake scrumptious cookies

Baking with kids: 5 easy steps to bake scrumptious cookies Cover Image

The weekend’s here. Are you up for a fun indoor activity? Grab the chef’s hat and with the kids in tow, head to the kitchen. The show’s about to begin.

A bored evening set the kids and yours truly on a baking mission. Usborne Children’s Cookie & Biscuit Baking book came to our quick aid and we were blown away by the simplicity of the book. So says a mother who does not consider baking as her best skill. Baking with kids is especially fun as you can see them enjoy the mess they’re making, with parental approval!

The recipes are simple and the instructions are broken down into baby steps, easy enough for an 8-year- old to follow. Each step is accompanied by beautiful illustrations which make the entire process appealing for the kids. Trust me, aside from the final baking part, the entire show was put up by the kids. Enough said.

We chose to bake the Tiny Pink Cookies: the girl loves pink while the boy is obsessed with the cutely-shaped cutters, so a win-win choice here!

Join us and we’ll show you how we replicated the wonderful looking (not to mention delicious) cookies.

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Step 1: Mix the butter, don’t forget the sugar, get a creamy texture

Step 2: Pour some love, oh with a dash of pink!

Step 3: The flour goes next, bit by bit, roll’em together, all of it

Step 4: Spread the dough and cut it too; the shapes are better with a cutter

Step 5: My, look at that delight! We hope it’s not going to be a long wait.

Tada, your pink cookies are ready! Don’t wait, just dig in.


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