Here’s how baking can help children with autism [Video]

Here’s how baking can help children with autism [Video] Cover Image

The Bubbles Centre for Autism in Bangalore uses a magical way to work with children with superpowers – children diagnosed under the Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Autism is a developmental difficulty that starts during early childhood. Children with autism struggle, in varying degrees, with social interaction, comprehension, communication and emotional regulation.

In 2013, the International Clinical Epidemiology Network estimated that 10 million children in India have autism to some degree. One school on the outskirts of Bangalore uses a wonderful way to work with children on the autism spectrum by a consciously inclusive concept.

Bubbles Centre for Autism (BCA) provides educational and developmental programmes for children diagnosed with autism, in the age group of 2 – 14 years. Driven by occupational therapy, speech therapy, art therapy, cookery, sports, movement and theatre the BCA effectively helps the children become self-reliant and integrated into society. BCA uses interventions and techniques to help children with autism to achieve this goal.

You drive past Bubbles Centre for Autism and a whiff of freshly baked cookies will mesmerise you. As part of Bubbles’ vocational initiative the older students practice baking in a professional set-up. The youngsters will pleasantly surprise you with their confidence in operating a gas-fired industrial baking oven.

Here’s the secret recipe:

 Structured learning + visual instructions + singing + dancing + lots of fun. Repeat every week for perfection.

Children with autism love precision and repetition, the two necessities in baking. Evidently the young bakers enjoy the process of measuring ingredients, sieving, creaming of margarine, dough-making, rolling, cookie-cutting and baking. Behaviour management is put to the test when the bakers insert the tray in the oven and wait for the cookies to pop out. A sensory overload!

Check out this 2 1/2 min video to get an insight into the sing-song magical process. In case you happen to pass by the school, do drop in for a bite. The idea is to create a simple learning module which can be easily replicated.

Autism is not a disability; it’s a different ability.

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