10 tips for an ideal ‘Arty’ Birthday Party

10 tips for an ideal ‘Arty’ Birthday Party Cover Image

Art birthday party? What a lovely idea to keep kids both engaged and learn something new while having fun!

Planning an Arty birthday party for kids need not be a stressful task these days. Unless of course,you get involved right from planning a theme to keeping the kids engaged and other sundry items like the look and decor, in which case, you could use some help.

A simple party can be the most memorable one if you consider your child’s interests and plan activities and games around it. While the decor adds a spark and lots of cheer to the celebration at the end of the day, activities and games are something that children remember for a long time.

Watch your Picassos unleash their imagination through paint!

Here’s one art birthday party that was planned for a one-year-old. Sounds impossible? Oh, but it isn’t! Whether it is a 1 or 15-year-old, all children love to create magic with paints. That’s exactly what we observed in this art party.

Here’s 10 simple steps to have one fab art-themed birthday party!



  1. Arrange a personalised art kit for each child and make them carry their own kit to different activity stations at the venue.
  2. Have no more than 4 activities, each not more than 30 minutes long.
  3. A popular choice is the greeting card making station which has exciting materials like embellishments, stencils, laces, decorative materials and of course colourful card stock.
  4. Kids can also get a personalised apron to keep their clothes clean.
  5. An art wall that allows the kids to display their canvas art is another hit at these parties.
  6. The party decor should be very cheerful with plenty of bright colours around. Huge cut outs of art supplies may be used to design the table backdrop along with personalised picture buntings and pennants all across.
  7. Depending on your budget, you can also rent the right sized party furniture for children.

Simple ideas to keep your toddlers engaged

  1. For, the little ones, finger painting and wax colour painting on mini canvas and colour mixing fun is highly engaged for them.
  2. You can put up a message board for everyone to write down their messages for the birthday child.
  3. The younger ones can leave their hand impressions on the board while the older kids can make sketches using colours and write their messages.

It is one of the few moments that the parents don’t seem to mind the mess their kids make! Ultimately, it comes down to not just planning a party for a day but how you entrench these memories in their minds for a long time to come. Happy Party Planning!

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