9 Amazing Kids’ Travel Books you must read

9 Amazing Kids’ Travel Books you must read Cover Image

Itching to travel or have kids that do? Then these books are perfect. Explore the magic of places and everything they offer with this list of kids’ travel books.

Do your kids love to travel? Do they love adventure? These beautiful travel books for kids tell tales of meandering feet and footprints around worlds both real and imaginary.


1. The Ship of Adventure by Enid Blyton 

You must remember seeing this beautiful book off the library shelves in your school or neighborhoods. The world may have changed but Enid Blyton books still enthral. The Ship of Adventure takes place on a cruise ship and tells the adventure of Philip, Jack, Dinah and Lucy-Ann, who go on a cruise along the Greek islands with their adoptive mother, Mrs. Mannering. Intrigue and a tightly-fought treasure hunt give this book with many thrills but the setting on board The Viking Star and the travel that lines the adventure, makes this book a charmer in every sense.

Age Group: 10 to 13

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2. The 366 Words Series

Children will love the 366 Words Series about different cities in India. One of the most beautiful travel books for kids, each title is packed with gorgeous details on an Indian city. Bengaluru, for instance, talks about the landmarks, the history, the people, the festivals and the culture. We have seen every child who reads these books to fall in love with them! They are also fantastic ways to learn about different cities, and if you do go to these cities on vacation, they are beautiful ways to discover a new place.

Age Group: 4 and above

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3. Around the World in 80 Days

Who doesn’t remember this book or love reading it? Written by one of the greatest adventure writers of all time, Jules Verne, the adventures of Phileas Fogg and his bet to travel around the world in 80 days has captivated readers ever since it was published in 1873. We still remember the thrill of Fogg and his able side kick Passepartout traveling the world, running into adventures, and of course, will they win the bet? What we love most about this book is that Phileas Fogg does something that is so unlike his organized, unadventurous self — he sets out on the biggest journey ever! This classic also doubles as one of the most delightful travel books for kids.

Age Group: 11 and above

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4. National Geographic Kids Beginner’s World Atlas, 3rd Edition 

Kids will spend hours going through this compendium of information on people, places, languages, politics and animals around the world. Filled with fun facts, lively maps and beautiful pictures, this book is perfect for children who are hungry to know more about the world. Travel books for kids should be lively yet informative, and this one gets that balance just right.

Age Group: 5 to 8

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5. Follow that Map: A first book of mapping skills

Any list of travel books for kids should include one on maps! Google maps may be all the rage right now but reading maps is a skill that many children could use. In this interactive book, five friends travel the world, discover new places, create maps to chart their journey and even use maps to search for a hidden treasure. Children learn all about kep mapping and map reading concepts. Oh what fun!

Age Group: 4 to 7

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6. My Family Travel Map by Lonely Planet

Want the children to turn your travels into memories? They can use this interactive book to personalize their journeys. Children can enjoy stickers, journal entries, activities, fun facts, and a map that they can use to chart their travels. This perforated map can be removed and stuck on a room wall. From the leading travel publisher in the world, Lonely Planet Kids is an imprint that produces travel books for kids that are insightful and adventurous.

Age Group: 5 to 12 years

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7. Good night Campsite

There is something thrilling about a camping adventure. In this beautiful book, a beautiful outdoor adventure unfurls, as families visit a park during the day and then return to a beautiful campsite at night. Fishing, biking, adventures, RVs, hiking and more populate this book, with its colorful picture and rhyming text. Perfect for recreating a beautiful camping trip or reading about it on the way to one!

Age Group: 5 to 9

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8. Gifts by Jo Ellen Bogart and Barbara Reid

“My grandma went to Australia, said ‘What would you have me bring?’
Just a didgeridoo, some billabong goo, and a boomerang I can fling.”

This is the delightful rhyming pattern that this book follows. From Hawaii and the Arctic to Mexico and India, this beautiful book is about a travelling grandmother and the gifts that she brings for her granddaughter from around the world. What we love about this book? To bring a flavor of travel and anthropology to a child who is reading it, all the illustrations are in the form of Plasticine bas-reliefs!

Age Group: 4 and above

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9. MAPS, by Aleksandra Mizielinska and Daniel Mizielinski

This book is a visual feast and a wonderful way of getting children to look at the world with a far-reaching mind. Children will yearn to travel to these places and learn more about the world. From people and cultures all over the world (including mythical folk like a certain Mr. Dracula of Transylvania), Maps is illustrated like traditional atlas maps but with wonderful details. Children will be curious to know about people, places, food, cultures, climates, natural resources, mountains, lakes and more. They will view the world in a totally different manner! This book is a reference book, a coffee table book and a book that you can take with you when you travel, all at once.

Age group: 10 and above

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