A trip to remember – Involve your kids

A trip to remember  – Involve your kids Cover Image

A video, a diary, a scrapbook- these are just some of the ways you can help your child preserve their memories and learn for a lifetime from the trips that they take.

Trips with family are the memories to treasure for years. Kids make those trips so much livelier and fun, apart from making us go crazy. There are many ways to make a family holiday a trip to remember, to freeze the experiences – photographs and videos and scrapbooking.


Reminiscing over little stories from the trips taken is a great way to cherish the family bond. 
Here is a little drawing made by my son about our visit to the Tea factory at Ooty. He enjoyed watching and understanding the whole process of the tea leaves being collected and transported via a conveyor belt ultimately ending up as fragrant tea powder packed neatly.


After coming back from our trip from Ooty, he drew this and took it to his class and his teacher helped him explain the process to his classmates. It helps a child to understand and remember something better if they can reproduce it in their own expression; this could be through writing, drawing or some other similar medium.

 I noticed that it helped my son to appreciate the whole process of manufacturing – of making something from raw material as simple as tea leaves.

When he bought the tea packs for his grandparents and teachers, he had a beautiful story to narrate and his personal experience to add to it. 

When you go on trips, identify the experiences that help your child in appreciating a process either man-made or that found in nature (life cycle of a butterfly or chickens in the farm or agriculture) and help them express it in their own way. It stays with them and also remains special in their memories, now and forever.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas. It’s not where you go , it’s how you choose to remember that matters the most.

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