A mother’s promises to her child this New Year

A mother’s promises to her child this New Year Cover Image

A new year brings hopes, aspirations and resolutions to the fore. One mom shares her promises to her child and you can relate too.

As parents, we take so many oaths, for ourselves and our children. It’s excruciatingly tough to watch ourselves break those self-imposed goals when we yell at our children or feel frustrated with ourselves. As a mother, I’ve made these too, these promises to my child; in fact, I wrote an identical post in January 2015.

Parenting is apparently smooth sailing when they are those tiny beings that you can easily shape, the ones who nod along with goofy grins when you suggest something and believe that you are the ultimate truth. You can’t deny that it’s a beautiful phase.

But, time passes as it inevitably will and children grow up. You can’t shelter them forever and nor should you. Watching them take big steps and move with confidence through life’s challenges can be simultaneously frightening and gratifying.

However, there is something I must share with you, my child. Even as you navigate the maze that is the world and its glorious treasures, there are things you need to hear. These are things I choose to promise you which will each come with their caveats.

Promise 1:

I will not fight your battles for you. They are given to you for a reason. They make you stronger, help you overcome disappointment and make you bolder than you think yourself capable.


If you are drawn into a battle without provocation, I will gently help extricate you, especially when it isn’t worth the fight.

Promise 2:

I promise to let you make your own decisions, even if it means watching you stumble and fumble your way through the tough calls you will take.


I will step in and help you if it means that a decision could cause you grievous physical or emotional harm.

Promise 3:

I promise to listen to everything you tell me, even if it means putting away my work, my chores and my needs; for, you come first. Always.


The only time I will not listen is when I feel you need to also nurture the art of listening, for communication is a two-way street.

Promise 4:

I will always hug you when you are sad, upset, hurt and in the need for comfort.


The only time I will not hug you is when I am angry, because I believe that touch is powerful and I would hate for the hug to be meaningless or worse, transfer that anger to you.

Promise 5:

I will always admire your free spirit: the kind that questions every fact, probes every answer, startles every notion and chooses to dive deep into the wealth of life’s experiences and I will love you unequivocally through it all.



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