9 Enid Blyton series your child must read!

9 Enid Blyton series your child must read! Cover Image

These 9 landmark series of Enid Blyton’s books are perfect to teach kids everything from family values to good-natured fun.

Our childhood memories can never be complete without the Enid Blyton series of books. Didn’t she weave the most fascinating tales? Her protagonists were young, brave and very curious. They had the most exciting adventures flying off on fantastic journeys meeting fairies and pixies or exploring deserted castles and solving thrilling mysteries. Adults were often mere by-standers and that’s just the way we like it.

She wrote many series like Famous Five, Secret Seven and Eight ‘O’ clock tales. However, some of her lesser known books and mini series are just as un-putdownable.

Here is our pick of our favourite Enid Blyton series for 6-8 year olds.


1. Adventures of the Wishing Chair

Mollie and Peter discover a Wishing Chair in an antique shop. The chair can grow wings and fly off with them to far off magical lands. The two children hide it away in a shed at the bottom of their garden and have some grand adventures meeting fairies and giants. They rescue a pixie called Chinky who joins them on their later travels.

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2. Noddy and His Car

This is one of the best books of this series featuring the lovable Noddy along with all his friends. Noddy has a new car and is launching his taxi service, planning on making a lot of money. But things begin to go wrong. Passengers start losing their tails and hats and baggage, leaving Noddy in debt, very hungry and very unhappy. But then things turn around because a book with Noddy cannot be a sad one. It ends with a wonderful moral too, perfect for early readers.

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3. Secret Seven Adventure

Peter, Janet, Jack, Colin, George, Pam and Barbara make up the Secret Seven Society complete with SS badges, secret passwords and weekly meetings in the shed. While the seven are playing together they spot a man running away from Milton Manor. Later when they hear of a theft at the Manor they set out looking for the thief.

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4. Six Cousins at Mistletoe Farms

This one is the first of a mini series featuring three children Jack, Jane and Susan who live in the country. A tragedy results in their town cousins Cyril, Melisande and Roderick coming to stay with them indefinitely. None of the children are happy with this arrangement. If one is lazy and untidy, the other is vain and affected. However, thrown together as they are, they realise they have lot to learn from each other.

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5. The Enchanted Wood

When Jo, Beth and Franny move to the country they stumble upon The Magic Faraway Tree peopled by even more magical characters. They’re not all good but each one is interesting and unique. All kinds of strange lands come and go at the top of the tree. The children have wonderful adventures and some narrow escapes as they visit these lands.

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6. The Boy Next Door

Robin, Betty and their cousin Lucy are delighted to find a boy has moved into the house next door. Things take a mysterious turn when a rather scary looking lady comes out of the house and tells them that no boy lived there. That makes the three of them even more determined to find and befriend the boy, which they do. Then begin a series of adventures including underground tunnels, deserted islands, abandoned boats and a kidnapping too.

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7. The Naughtiest Girl

Elizabeth Allen is a spoilt young girl. Her parents decide to send her away to a boarding school. She hates the idea and decides to bring out her naughtiest side, determined to get expelled soon. However, Whyteleafe School turns out to be not at all what she has expected. Despite her plans she makes wonderful friends and finds herself liking her school.

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8. The Mystery of the Invisible Thief

The Five Find Outers series is one of Blyton’s best. In this particular book, Fatty, Larry, Daisy, Pip, Bets and Fatty’s Scottie dog, Buster are pitted against an expert invisible thief who leaves a note about his next robbery and yet cannot be caught. Full of Enid Blyton homour and of course plenty of disguises and loads of action this series is a must read.

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9. The Secret Island

When Mike, Nora, and Peggy’s parents disappear in an aircraft accident they have to go to stay with their aunt and uncle who are unkind and cruel. The children decide to run away with their friend Jack, who knows a secret island in the middle of a lake. After much secret planning and packing the children row over to the island in Jack’s boat. Life seems quite perfect till people come looking for them.

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