9 Amazing Toys to Make for your Kids at home

9 Amazing Toys to Make for your Kids at home Cover Image

Most parents complain that their kids have too many toys. Yet, kids want more! Read this article for great ideas on how to make toys at home! Reuse, recycle and enjoy.

How do you make toys at home for kids? Read on! The good thing about homemade toys is that you can make these from things you have lying around the house already. Check out this list of DIY toys for some inspiration. You’re sure to find at least a few toys you can make to entertain your kids!

1. Homemade dollhouses

It’s very easy to make dollhouses out of cardboard boxes, cheap bookshelves, or with other items you’ve got lying around. Use the drawers from old bedside tables to make adorable homemade dollhouses for your kids.

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2. Guess what’s in the bag?

This one is so easy, it can hardly be classified as a homemade toy. You can set it up in minutes and it never gets old. Put random objects in different brown paper bags or a box like, cotton balls, paperclips, dry macaroni, etc. Give the kids the bags and they can guess what’s inside without looking. This is a great game for their cognitive skills and you can ask them to explain their deductive reasoning.

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3. DIY sock toys

This suggestion comes from Lena Harrison, a lifestyle blogger at Writinity and Last Minute Writing:

“You can make a sock into a hobby horse, a baby rattle, or more. They are incredibly versatile and customisable.”

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4. Recycle bin homemade toys

There are many different homemade toys you can make from things in the recycling bin. You can combine water, oil and food colouring in a plastic bottle to create an ocean in a bottle which is will mesmerise your kids. You can also create a homemade construction set by taking sturdy cardboard and cutting lines through the bottom and sides of each piece. Another option with a cardboard box is creating a drop box according to colours, letters, and numbers that fit through certain slots. Finally, you can make a nativity set at the holidays with toilet rolls that your kids will love to play with.

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5. Create homemade flubber

This is a sensory activity that kids are guaranteed to love. Flubber is a substance that can flow or break depending on pressure. So you can transfer it from hand to hand and it will spill and collect like a liquid. But if you close your fist on it it can be moulded like a solid. You can make this by mixing together water, borax, and glue. Add food colouring to spice up the looks a bit. This is not only a really fun toy to keep kids occupied for hours, but can even teach them something about physics.

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6. Coloured and textured blocks

Wanda Roy, a blog writer at Draft Beyond and Research Papers UK , suggests different ways of making wooden blocks more exciting for babies and toddlers:

“You can either add some colour to some wooden blocks or superglue some felt squares or different shapes to the sides to change up the texture.”

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7. Using stones for toys

You can make a tic-tac-toe game with fun paint colours on stones. Or even paint some dominoes to create an original and homemade set. Paint some “story stones” which can be fun for telling stories and replacing dolls in playing make-believe. And paint alphabet letters on stones as a useful way to teach your kids their letters – try a game of hangman using them!

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8. Hopscotch

There are many ways you can make homemade hopscotch. Use cardboard boxes cut apart to create hopscotch tiles, or even better, use an old sheet to sew your own hopscotch mat that’s easy to set up and put away. If you don’t like sewing, you can glue felt shapes onto the sheet. A bonus tip: Add some different games on the reverse side of the sheet!

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9. Homemade dolls

You can create a doll sling for your child to carry around her dolls, similar to a baby carrier. Or, think outside the box and create a whole family of wooden spoon dolls that you can decorate any way you want. With some paint and some wooden kitchen spoons and spatulas, you can have a whole collection of dolls that your kids will love to play with.

Stanley M. Goodman, an e-learning consultant at GumEssays.com , is an entrepreneur and marketer. He loves to write articles for LuckyAssignments.com which help others learn from his knowledge and experience. On the side, his crafty and creative side comes in handy as he makes DIY projects for his community.

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