8 Creative Ways to Keep Your Toddler Entertained

8 Creative Ways to Keep Your Toddler Entertained Cover Image

Your toddler has ridiculous amounts of energy. Finding an outlet for this energy can be fun, memorable and a great bonding experience for you as a parent too. It can be the perfect opportunity to let your own inner child come out to play. Read this article for some great ideas to keep your child entertained!

Are you constantly looking for new and fun activities for kids? No, this does not involve a phone or TV! It does not involve using paints, small toys or play-doh either! Here are 8 creative ways to keep your toddler entertained!

Everyday activities often involve reading, dancing, a tickle fest, peek-a-boo etc., The list is never-ending. It’s time to take it to the next level!

Don’t let the monsoon dampen your toddler’s spirit. Here are 8 fun activities for kids to channel their energies:

Sing along to your child’s favourite rhymes – with a Guitar!

Exposing your child at an early age to music has added benefits. Not only will your child be busy but also to acquire a new skill. Music also impacts the child development, improves social skills and strengthens memory skills.

Let off some steam with a punching bag!

Your high-energy toddler can stay fit and vent out extra energy with this activity. Boxing is a physically demanding activity and requires focus. This sport helps build strength and prevents child obesity.

Dress up as your favourite character

Believe it or not, this is a very important activity for kids and has serious benefits. Toddlers are just developing their imaginations. A toddler’s mind is creative without trying. Playing dress up helps their imagination run wild and they learn so many skills that involve vocabulary, social skills, problem solving and many more.

Sunshine and breeze is good for your little one. Enjoy the outdoors on a sunny day. Keep them busy with my personally tested ideas below

Get to the park and run free!

There is no doubt that kids need copious amount of exercise.  The monkey bars, see-saw will provide endless play for toddlers. This one is a perfect energy burner. This will be enjoyable activity for you too!

Head to the grocery store and get engrossed in the aisles!

Heading to the grocery store with a toddler in tow can be a weekly chore for some of us. You can make this a fun activity too.  Talk about colours in the aisles. Toddlers are easily intrigued by the bright colours!  At the supermarket, have your toddler “help” you by holding a few small items while in the cart. Experiment and see what captures your kiddos’ attention.

Pick flowers, touch the trees and leaves

Kids are an absolute sponge for learning new things. They absorbs everything new! Let them explore your backyard and see what they come up with! Let them get the feeling as if they are on a jungle adventure!

Pick up the hula hoop and hoop like no one’s watching!

Hula hooping can improve your child’s coordination and balancing abilities. It may be a little early to introduce hulahoop to under 3 year olds but you can set hulahoops on the floor and invite babies and toddlers to sit inside the circles and play. They will develop interest when they watch you hulahoop.

Get in front of the camera!

Don’t forget to make memories by recording all these activities and play the videos back to your kids! They are going to love it.

Play is an important part of learning and growing. It’s also important that you join them in these activities make eye contact, laugh, share and connect with them.  Enjoy activities, love and snuggles with your toddlers! Be silly along with them and have fun.   It is therapeutic for adults too!

Disclaimer: Only expose your child to materials/activities you are comfortable with and remember that all activities require adult supervision. This article reflects the author’s personal experience and is intended for your general knowledge.

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