65 Fun & Exciting Card Games for kids to play!

65 Fun & Exciting Card Games for kids to play! Cover Image

Playing card games has many benefits. It helps the kids improve their dexterity and hand-eye coordination among other reasons. Did you know that just the action of holding the cards in their little hands can work wonders for your little ones’ fine motor skills? Well, it does and there’s more!

Did you know that card games can help develop motor skills, cognitive skills and emotional skills? Apart from being totally fun, that is! Well, parents, now you can give your family time at home a twist by introducing these engaging card games to your repertoire. Here’s a list of card games to choose from based on the age of your kids that bring play, learning and growth together.

The best part is that card games bring in an element of fun and togetherness – something that every child wants. The act of spending time together as a family laughing, enjoying and learning is great not only for their self-esteem but it helps build a strong family unit as well. Card games are an easy and excellent way to relish unhurried, quality time with your kids while satisfying their competitive urges and the desire to learn new skills.

Here is a list of card games – old and new – that you can play during family time. They have been curated as per age group, so it will be even easier for you to pick the right ones that your kids will be able to enjoy to the fullest.

Age group: For 1 to 3 yrs +

Kids in this age group are ever so curious and anything new excites them. So, these card games will be right up their alley and will help them improve their fine motor skills, dexterity and the visual cues will help stimulate their memory and recognition abilities.


Age group: For 4 to 5 yrs +

Kids in this age group and hungry to learn more – new skills and new lessons, new everything! Card games, therefore, works wonders when it comes to their cognitive development and starts inculcating a sense of victory and loss from an early age – a complex idea that is made much simpler with these fun activities. And of course, the extra time that they get to spend with their parents helps them develop a strong bond as well.


Age group: For 6 to 7 yrs +

For the age of 6 to 7 years and above, card games help kids to think strategically while building on their decision making skills. Card games also helps them enhance their creative thinking, their imagination and social skills like sharing, being patient, taking turns, verbal communication and more. Believe it or not, card games for this particular age group teaches children how to react and engage with the society around them and through fun concepts, help them learn some important life skills as well.

Age group: For 8 to 14 yrs +

All the benefits that we’ve mentioned above come together here and are taken to the next level. Card games are no longer played just for fun, but played with a meaning. They help the kids strengthen mathematical and language concepts and teaches them the value of following instructions. Physical and emotional growth also gains a lot from card games, especially for kids 8 to 14 years and above. They become more aware of their feelings and feelings of those around them. The card games can even be used to strike up a conversation and have a debate that helps them engage their young minds and form opinions.

Introducing card games to family time is a good idea, and learning together from them while enjoying some quality family time is an even better one. So, for your next game night, pick any of these card games mentioned above and give it a go. You’ll have lots of new memories to cherish, that’s for sure!

Featured image credit: Photo by Robbin Wong on Unsplash

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