60 Best Board Games for Kids & Families

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Here are 60 board games that will put the FUN (and learning) in family time! All you need to do is read the article for the full list. Get, Set, GO!

Say-Bye-bye to boredom with these super fun BOARD GAMES! We have curated a list of 60 different board games divided as per age group, that can be enjoyed by the whole family – including kids! From classics such as Ludo, Twister, Monopoly and Operation to ‘new-kids-on-the-block’ like Monkey Around, Topple, Qwirkle, Risk and more – you’ll come across your favourites and one’s that you would want to make you new favourite! And the best part – each of these board games will teach your kids something valuable, from life skills to development skills and more. So, it’s time to team up and let the fun begin.

Check out the full list here:

Age group: For 36 months to 5 year olds

Start them young! Board games are fun, yes. But parents, board games can teach the little ones a lot of new things. These fun activities for kids up to 5 year old can get their brains buzzing and have them develop important skills. From learning teamwork, to boosting language skills, sharpening focus and more – try them out and watch them grow.


Age group: For 6 to 7 year olds

The kids are growing, they’re keen to learn new things and board games are here to make things all the more exciting! At this stage, board games become responsible for building communication skills in kids while enabling them to follow instructions. But the most important thing of all, it teaches them healthy competition and the act of facing circumstances (winning or losing) gracefully.

Age group: For 8 to 9 year olds

It is in this age group that board games like The Game of Life, Monopoly, Jumanji, Trivia Pursuit and more are introduced. Through these, kids begin to learn important life skills, social skills and decision making skills along with brushing up on their general knowledge and trivia. These board games are not only fun, but they become instrumental in helping children develop into all-around individuals.

Age group: For 10 year olds

We’re stepping things up now. The board games at this level become more challenging and more intricate. They go from being intuitive to being more calculative. It’s no longer just about fun, it’s about making the right decisions, strategizing, formulating plans and then translating them into the game. No wonder that board games for kids up to the age of 10 help them with their math skills, problem-solving, logical-thinking and more.


Age group: For 12 to 17 year olds

Last but not the least, these board games for kids up to 12 years are here to take family time to another level. These board games have a significant impact on helping the child grow socially, emotionally, cognitively and even physically (without compromising on the fun that is 😀 ). Logic, creative thinking and the ability to analyize and think quick all come together to provide a great learning opportunity along with some quality time with the family!


So, get those board games out, keep calm and play on!

Featured image credit: Photo by Dave Photoz on Unsplash

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