6 tips to help you plan your child’s first playdate!

6 tips to help you plan your child’s first playdate! Cover Image

Here are some ideas on how you can, with no effort, plan a fun-filled playdate for your little one!

My toddler who is almost a year and a half now, loves to play, just like all other kids of his age. By God’s grace I have a ‘big’ family of 7 and some or the other member in the family is free at a given point of time to play and entertain him. However, the surprising part is, that despite playing and interacting with so many people inside the boudaries of the house, he does get bored at times and requests us to take him out.
This gave me the idea to organize a playdate for him as it is not always possible for me to step out whenever he asks and spend time with him in a park, zoo or play area.

Here’s what I did and here’s what you could do before organizing a playdate for your kid:

1. Prepare a list of invitees


All kids have a set of their own favourite friends either of the same-age, younger or older kids with whom they like to play and are comfortable in spending time with. To add some fun element in your child’s life it would be great to invite them home. I started with my neighbours kids and sent them an invitation to my son’s 1st Playdate. Though do remember to keep your list small and relevant to your child’s age as much as you can.

2. Keep it short


Decide the time frame for which he/she would be comfortable to play. Let it not be three or four hours long nor as short as an half an hour. Though you know best! Also, choose a time at which your child is most active, not sleepy or cranky and willing to meet people.

I decided that an hour in the evening is just the perfect time for my little one to play with his friends.

3. Stock up enough food


Kids in public places get hungry sooner than we expect and so you don’t want to ruin your child’s playdate with some hunger monsters moving around getting cranky! Make some tasty, child-friendly and healthy snacks to serve to your young guests and see them enjoy it with your child!

I stocked up on cereals, fruits, healthy munchies and the likes for the kids to munch on.

4. Invite the parents

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Invite your child’s friends’ parents as well, as most toddlers feel a sense of comfort when their mothers are around. It’s also a great way to make new friends! If your lucky one of the mums may even help by playing some unique and interesting games to keep the little ones engaged and entertained.

5. Select toys in advance


Select your child’s toys in advance so that you don’t have to waste time in solving baby battles at the playdate. Keep aside your child’s favourite or new toys just so you can avoid feeling bad later incase they break! My son is too young to understand what is his and what’s not, so I didn’t have to prepare much on this. Thankfully!

6. Make a list of activities


You can have a host of activities depending upon your child and his/her friends age. You could make them play with toys, have coloring fun, splish splash in the kiddie pool or play other games.
I limited the activities to playing with building blocks, balls, soft toys, pull-along toys and a few musical toys.

Most importantly don’t forget to prepare your playlist, as all kids just love to dance. List of toddler nursery rhymes

All in all, don’t forget to click pics, thank your guests for taking out the time and send them goodbye goodies later. By taking these simple and careful steps you can make your way to a happy and successful playdate for your kid.

Have you orgnaized one before? How did you manage? Please do share your tips and tricks in the comments section below. Were looking forward to hearing from you!

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