5 Simple Reasons to get your Children into Fundraising

5 Simple Reasons to get your Children into Fundraising Cover Image

Fundraising reminds us of those who need help and encourages empathy as well as selflessness and generosity, so why not get your children involved from an early age to help them develop into good and kind adults you can be proud of? Let’s explore five ways you can introduce your child to philanthropy and discuss how it could benefit them.

Children can be resistant when it comes to putting their toys and tech down for anything – but fundraising can open a child’s mind, teach them empathy, and improve their overall development, so it’s worth trying to get them involved.

Stay tuned as we explore the ways fundraising for a good cause can be a benefit to all…

From when they are born until the age of 16, children go through a steep learning curve which helps them develop their character, opinions, social skills and more. Leading by example is a great way to help your child develop into a valued member of society, and you can do this by exercising with them, reading together, playing and more. But not everything has to be all fun and games. Teaching children about the harder things in life is important too.

Fundraising and charity can help teach children about the world and others, help them learn empathy and more. So, here are five reasons why you should introduce your kids to fundraising and charity:

1. Emotional development

We all want our kids to have happy upbringings free from worry, but it may leave them unprepared to support their friends in upsetting times. Getting them involved in charity and fundraising when they’re younger can help gently expose them to issues that others face. It will provide opportunities for them to learn early on about empathy and how listening and being there for a person can help.

Charity idea: If you have a neighbour who is ill or has limited mobility, why not go over with your child and ask if they need any help around the house, or you could spend some time together making a get-well-soon card that you can both drop off with some treats.

2. Social Skills

Community fundraising is a huge opportunity for your child to develop their social skills and feel more confident in their communication skills.

Charity idea: Contact any local charities you’d like to support and see if they need any event volunteers. Or see if any local community groups are fundraising, that need some help and wouldn’t mind a youngster coming along for the ride.

3. Physical fitness

Getting active is important for a child’s mental wellbeing and physical health. Research suggests that nearly 10% of kids aged 4-5 years are obese, and 21% of those aged 10-11 are too. Your child’s overall health is the most important thing, so doing what you can to get them active and moving around is going to help.

Charity idea: There are many fun runs and physical activities you can do to raise money.

4. Teaching them about good and bad

If your child hears about something like a flood, terrorist attack or accident, it does provide you with an opportunity to teach them about good and bad. These things don’t come up in everyday conversation, so it’s an ideal time to explain what happened.

Charity idea: Find out if there is a central fundraising body for the incident and see if there’s any advice about what you can do to help, like donating clothes.

5. Helping them to be grateful

Gratitude for what we have and who we have around us is important, but it’s easy for kids to get jealous or brag. Getting them involved in a charity where they may find out about kids with fewer toys or food or clothes than they have is a way in which you can help them learn to be appreciative of what they have.

Charity idea: Donate the clothes they’ve grown out of to a charity shop and take your child along – it may encourage them to ask what you’re doing and why.

Getting involved in charity and fundraising may not be their idea of fun, but it holds numerous benefits for your child’s development. So, why not see if there’s a way you can get them interested?

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