35 Christmas activities for any party or get-together this holiday season

35 Christmas activities for any party or get-together this holiday season Cover Image

Looking to liven up your Christmas holidays or even a Christmas party? These 35 activities for kids will surely fit the bill! Each of these activities are holiday themed, which is why they are so relevant for right now. Want to know what they are? Keep reading!

It’s the hap, happiest time of the year, everybody! Christmas is just around the corner and we can’t wait to get the holiday feels going. Digging into some delicious treats, decorating the Christmas tree and your home together with the family, signing cheerful Christmas carols, gathering together for family time over steaming cups of hot chocolate, and so much more!

But we’re here to tell you that we have not 1, not 2, but 35 ways in which you can make your Christmas happier and jollier! Yes, BuzzingBubs has put together a curated list of 35 Christmas activities that your kids (and you as well, parents) are going to LOVE! They are all very easy, lots of fun and the best part is that they’re perfect for celebrating the holidays or even to entertain during Christmas parties.

Are you ready to get your holiday cheer on? Check out this list of fun and exciting activities for kids this Christmas Season!

35 Christmas activities for any party or get-together this holiday season

1. Colour-in your own DIY Holiday cards

christmas card activities

DIY holiday cards that your kids can make themselves! What a great way to spread the love.

Place your order here!

2. Design a Christmas Village

A very merry Christmas village that you can design from scratch!

Maybe something unexpected will find its way in there.

Image credit: Ok.ru

3. Make a wish…and make it personal!

Time to get personal! Why not have your kids write a letter and send it out to Santa? You never know, some of their wishes may surprise you! And perhaps the entire family can come together on the final day and have fun with the wish list.

P. S. – download and printout this cute template on which your kids can write the letter.

Download here!

4. Make a light angel Christmas ornament with paper

A lovely little light angel that your kids can make and use as a decoration on top of the tree or anywhere at home.

P.S – it’s a great gifting option as well.

Click here for Step-by-Step Guide!

Image credit: Just that perfect piece

5. BINGO – it’s game time!

It’s time to play!

Download, print and play these fun Bingo games. P.S. – they’re holiday themed!

Download here!

6. Make a paper DIY snowflake

Take your DIY game to the next level with this paper snowflake craft idea.

Click here for Step-by-Step Guide!

Image credit: A piece of rainbow

7. Try a holiday themed Christmas crossword

Solve a Christmas themed crossword. The person who solves it the fastest wins a special prize!

Download and printout this crossword template and give it a go!

Download here!

8. How about a little twist to your hot cocoa?

An edible snowman? Sounds delicious!

Why not make a snowman out of Marshmallows for your hot chocolate for some sweet holiday celebrations.

Try out this Recipe!

Recipe credit: Baby Foode

Image credit: Unsplash

9. Make it a colourful Christmas with 7 dinner table mats

Are you ready to make Christmas colourful this year? We’ve come up with adorable Christmas themed dining table placemats that you can print and download for your kids to colour.

Let their creativity shine and you’ll have a special, new placemat everyday for 7 days!

Download here!

10. It’s time to Deck the Halls

This one could be a Christmas favourite! Bust out those decorations and deck the halls for all to see.

Don’t stop your kids from getting very creative here!

Image credit: Unsplash

11. Plan a Christmas scavenger hunt for the whole family

Christmas and holiday themed scavenger hunt? YES PLEASE!

Download and print this scavenger hunt template and get started! This is a great activity for a party or a get together where everyone can participate.

Download here!


family pics

Get those cameras out people because the holiday’s mean a lot of fun memories that can be captured with the family!

In fact, why not plan and click the perfect family Christmas photo, and maybe you can use it on your holiday greeting card as well.

Image credit: Burkaton

13. Play a game of 5!

Play your way through the holidays and this particular game will get you thinking!

Download, print and begin…you’ll have to play a game of 5 and name 5 Christmassy things as you progress!

Download here!

14. Be creative in the kitchen and try out a new recipe

Get your bake on with your little ones and try making this popcorn caramel chocolate cake. YUM!

Try out this Recipe!

Recipe credit: Taste.com.au

Image credit: Unsplash

15. Give kindness and enjoy the spirit of giving

This Christmas change things up a bit and ask your kids to take part in the ’12 Acts of Kindness’ challenge. Complete each challenge and then hang up the corresponding ornament on the tree to show everyone that it’s done.

It’s a great way to bring in some gratitude and love during this time of the year. Click on the link below and get started.

12 Acts of Christmas Kindness Challenge for Kids

16. Make your own DIY Wreath

Christmas DIY wreath

Make your own wreath and put it on your front door for everyone to admire your little ones’ handiwork!

Click here for more ideas!

Image credit: fabartdiy

17. Try your hand at some homemade ornaments

Diy ornaments

This Christmas instead of buying all your ornaments, you can try making some of them with your kids.

These designs are so cute and easy to make, that the children will love them. Best part, you can bring these out for any celebration going forward.

Click here for Step-by-Step Guide!

Image credit: homesteadinmama

18. Recycle & Upcycle

Recycle used bottles for holiday decor. Add some fairy lights and you’ve got yourself some Christmas cheer and happiness right there!

Make as many as you want and put them all over the house or even gift them with a special message inside.

Image credit: Pop Sugar

19. Bake some delicious cookies this holiday season

Christmas cookies

Bake and decorate your favourite festive cookies.

It’s a great way to get your kids involved in the holiday preparations.

Try out this recipe!

Recipe credit: Yummy toddler food

Image credit: dervishdelight

20. Make your own DIY Snowglobe

DIY Snowglobe

Make your own snow globe!

This one is easier than it sounds and the results will make everyone go WOW!

Image credit: Pinterest

21. Christmas karaoke

Christmas Karaoke

Singing carols is one thing, but a Christmas karaoke?

It’ll brighten up any party that you have during the holiday season.

Image credit: Pinterest

22. Timeless Christmas books for kids to choose from

It’s always a good time to read and getting started on a Christmas book sounds just about right at the moment.

Choose from a number of:

Christmas themed books for kids  

23. Binge on a Family Christmas movie marathon

Christmas movie

The holidays are a great time for movie marathons.

Host a Christmas movie marathon at home with your kids, extended family and friends and have lots of fun munching on popcorn and watching the most popular flicks of the season.

Choose from here!

Image credit: imdb

24. Get crafty with holiday stockings

Christmas stockings

Personalise everyone’s stockings in the family so that when they find it filled with goodies, it’ll be even more exciting!

Click here for Step-by-Step Guide!

Image credit: Think Make Share

25. Paper cup Snowman anybody?

Build a snowman out of paper cups. Why not?

It’s cute, it’s easy and it has the potential of becoming the star of your holiday decorations!

Click here for Step-by-Step Guide!

26. Go caroling as a group!

Christmas carols

Mic Check, mic check!

Christmas carols won’t sing themselves, so why not get your kids together and sing them all!

Image credit: Whipperberry

27. Give your home a holiday make-over!

christmas activities

Give your front door a Christmas themed make-over.

More the imagination, more the fun!

Image credit: Pinterest

28. Donate & share the spirit of Christmas with others

This holiday season, think about giving and let your kids donate their old toys to an NGO.

You can choose from these:

10 NGOs in the city

29. Try new things and start in the kitchen

Diy Gingerbread man

An absolute classic – build a Gingerbread house with your kids!

For more ideas click here!

Image credit: hikendip

30. Get innovative with your house hold items

Think crafty and make a Christmas tree out of everyday objects.

Click here for Step-by-Step Guide!

Image credit: herecomesthegirlsblog

31. Host the coolest pajama party of the year

Pajama party

Christmas pajama party. I mean could anything be more fun?

Watch movies together, bake together, decorate together, sing carols together – the possibilities are endless. Another HIT with the kids.

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Image credit: Little west street

32. Personalise your calendar for the month

Create your own Christmas theme calendar and put some fun things in there which your kids can do everyday!

Click here for more ideas!

Image credit: Mombrite

33. Light up your cards with this super cool DIY

Christmas light card

This year, make your Christmas cards extra special by making them yourself along with your kids.

Click here for Step-by-Step Guide!

34. DIY a Christmas wreath out of Nature.

DIY Christmas wreath

Make this pretty Nature Print Christmas Wreath for your home!

Click here for Step-by-Step Guide!

35. Get crafty with these ideas for kids

christmas activities crafts

Fun crafts that can liven up the holidays or any Christmas party.

The more people participate the better!

Click here for Step-by-Step Guide!

The Christmas activities list is out and we can’t wait to see what you guys make of it. And since the holiday season is all about sharing, don’t forget to let us know and send in pictures of all the cool stuff you and your kids do from here.

At the end of the day, Christmas is a feeling and it really is a lovely feeling! So, make the most of this time spent with family and your kids and have a very Merry Christmas a wonderful holiday season!

Featured image: CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash

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