3 things I swore I’d never do as a parent!

3 things I swore I’d never do as a parent! Cover Image

No iPad for my child. Yes, seriously. I bet you swore you’d never do this too, am I right? Parenting makes you eat your words.

Long before I had a baby or even had a reckoning for it, I made a list of things I swore I’d never do as a parent. Needless to say I did not keep them, and “not keep them” has to be the greatest understatement, because there were times when I have bent over backwards and succumbed to the things I swore I would never do.

1. I swore I’d never use the T.V./ mobile/ iPad as a babysitter:

While growing up we had a cable connection. All my friends used to harp about Disney Hour, Tara, Hip Hip Hurray, and more, but not us; books were our entertainment. We did resent our parents for doing that to us, but later realized they did us a favour; if not we would never have developed this fondness for books. So TV became this evil idiot box that I never much respected.

Fast forward to today, my about-to-turn three year old knows the likes of Mother Goose Club, Chuggington, Mickey Mouse Club House, Masha and the Bear, and what not!

Long before the child happened, I always pictured myself laying down creative activities for him every evening. TV as a pastime – that’s not my style! After popping out the peanut I’ve realized that he is simply not interested in anything I am not doing. So if I am tossing a salad, he wants to cook up a storm, if I am dusting the shelf, he wants to take over while knocking half of the book off the shelf. So guess what comes to the rescue — Nanny TV!

2. No bribing the baby (kinderjoys, cart rides in markets, cold drinks, red cars)

I swore I wouldn’t play such tricks on my baby! My spinster self used to look down upon people who used to bribe their kids into doing things. Nah, never me!

I would always offer a proper explanation. Oh yes, I would enlighten him and he would understand right away, of course. What’s so tough about making a 3-year old understand?

Fast forward to today, after telling him not to empty his school bag in the bathroom for the 100th time!
My only tactic now is: Aurko stop doing that if you want an orange Tang!! Period!

3. When Motherhood Fails

Last week was crazy, so crazy that every morning getting him ready for school was like a war zone at home.

Baby, today is a blue day in your school. You want to wear the Mickey Mouse tee?
Nooooo! (Wailing and howling) I want to wear yellow TEE, Mama!

Ok! Stop crying; let’s get you a bath first (he loves taking a bath)!

Nooooo! (Still wailing and howling)I don’t want to take a bath!

See I’ve put these nice trucks in the tub?

Noooooooo! Why did you put my trucks in the tub?!?!

What does mama do in situations like that? She scoops him out of the tub, drags him to the bedroom, forces him to wear his school dress, and literally wish that she could bundle this child to Mars — while wiping those tears off her face!

Yes, that has happened a lot (lately)!

My child-less self always considered myself to be way classier and composed to let a three-year old run amok in her neatly organized mind space!

But I’m clear now. I don’t roll my eyes and put on my headphones when I see a child sitting next to me on the plane. I am done commenting on somebody’s loud child in the supermarket. Now I don’t judge people when they bring their small child in the movie halls.

Obviously, I’ve had the rudest awakening of my life!

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