3 things every classroom must provide

3 things every classroom must provide Cover Image

Considering how much time kids spend in classrooms, it’s necessary that they have these crucial components.

Children need to be provided with a learning environment which is vibrant, stimulating and which enriches their experiences, allowing them to explore and discover. The learning environment must provide opportunities for the children to express themselves in many different ways.

Each of our children come into this world with an inbuilt learning programme provided by nature. An effective learning environment will support the unfolding of this programme. In order to make this possible, children must have the freedom to choose, to move about freely, and to speak.

If children must not talk, how will they learn to express themselves? If children must sit still and not move, we will have restless children. If they are not given opportunities to choose, how can we expect them to take important decisions later on in life?

The scene in an early years classroom where children are working independently at a variety of activities may seem purposeless play to a layman’s eyes, but there is actually a lot of learning happening as each child makes a personal conquest and takes a confident step towards becoming an independent learner.

The three questions we need to ask ourselves are

Do we want classrooms full of tables and chairs, where children sit neatly, not talking, only listening?


Do we want classrooms where there is movement, activity and purposeful play?

Do we want classrooms where children sit and wait for the teachers’ instructions?


Do we want dynamic classrooms where children move, interact, ask questions, share ideas and initiate and take charge of their learning?

Do we want rigid classrooms that destroy a child’s natural urge for learning?


Do we want classrooms that will nurture his curiosity and allow creativity to take wings?

These are some thoughts you need to ask yourself when choosing a school for your child.

“It is not what you do for your children, but what you have taught them to do for themselves, that will make them successful human beings.”

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