26 Ways to plan the Best Christmas Party this Season

26 Ways to plan the Best Christmas Party this Season Cover Image

Have you bought your streamers, stockings, candy and tree? Here are 26 ideas to plan your Christmas party!

It’s that time of the year when homes are brimming with aromas of festive food, new clothes, gifts, a house full of people, carols and most of all celebrating the season of love, warmth and sharing. Namita Jain gives us some wonderful ideas to get kids involved in planning a Christmas party.

It’s time to get creative! Choose from a selection of fun themes and ‘DIY’ arts & crafts that the kids could create at the party.

  1. Depending on size of the venue one can plan in advance the number of kids/adults to be accommodated. If you have a larger number of kids (15 or more) it might help to also involve the adults should you need help during activities and games.
  2. A gathering of ten kids is a good number to have for a comfortable party. In case you plan a sleep over for the kids then maybe you might want to decrease the number to a maximum of 3 kids, keeping in mind your home & the space involved for the sleep over etc.
  1. Choose bright and festive colors like – red, green, gold, silver could be the decor theme. Give kids a dress or color code to make the countdown to the party an exciting one.
  2. Christmas decor/ ornaments like stars, bells & baubles could also be elements to build around.
  3. Encourage kids to pick their favourite holiday mascot and dress up like one. The options could range from reindeer, Santa claus, elf, fairy and more!
  1. Pick colourful decor elements; potted plants like poinsettia in white & red could add the perfect dash of color to the space.
  2. The basics such as the spoon, fork and knife are a must. Of course, don’t forget the cake knife because a Christmas party would be incomplete without one. The handle could be nicely decorated; tie a red ribbon around it and if you want to lend a touch of sparkle you could add some glitter on the handle of the cake kn# ife.
  3. You may also need a few disposables like straws in case the kids are served refreshments. The choice of cutlery also depends on what you serve: A tea party with just finger foods versus a brunch which can be more elaborate depending on the menu.
  1. Organise a treasure hunt for the kids where each area of the garden or the party venue could have a hidden Christmas ornament. Once the children find all the ornaments, they can then decorate their Christmas Tree.
  2. Bake a few cookies in the shape of Santa, stars, Christmas tree, elves, gingerbread men and this could be a part of the finale to the treasure hunt where the kids get a bag of edible Christmas goodies to enjoy.
  3. Get the older kids to play the role of Santa’s helpers and they could help you prepare icing bags. Place tables in the garden and have assorted cupcakes placed on each table; encourage the kids to decorate their very own cupcakes with icing, gems and candy.
  1. Engage the kids with Christmas-themed movies and team it with a Christmas lunch.
  2. If you have a larger outdoor space, the inspiration could be a picnic lunch in a red and white theme or farm lunch with a rustic theme! If you have a fir tree in your farm or garden the kids can decorate the real tree and create a crib with hay and sticks.
  3. Give each child Christmas decorations and décor elements and an assigned area to decorate. Share with them recycled material like newspapers, magazines, pencils and allow them to unleash their creativity with DIY Christmas ornaments.
  1. Offer a variety of exciting take away gifts and sweet treats for the kids. If you enjoy baking this is the best time of year to pack little jars of home baked goodies for the kids as take away gifts. An alternative to this is to pack a jar with essential ingredients the kids could take back home and create something together with their parents and the jar could also have a recipe card to the Christmas treat.
  2. This is a great time to play Secret Santa and have the kids prepare holiday and Christmas greeting cards to share with their friends and family.
  3. Christmas tree decoration dangler or stars can be handmade using recycled paper or even fabric; another option could be thermocol or clay.
  1. Baubles could also be made in a similar way.
  2. Empty bottles could be painted with Christmas elements/accessories and used as a table decor element.
  3. Mason jars could be wrapped in gold, red or green ribbons and fresh flowers could be placed in them to lend a touch of charm to a space.
  4. Kids could also get adventurous by collecting twigs and sticks and create their own Christmas wreath . Cribs could also be handmade in a similar fashion.
  5. Fairies could be made with gold wires, paint and fabric, chalk and water could be combined together as an alternative to clay to create Santa claus, fairies, stars, elves, snow flakes for the Christmas tree or try the
    Christmas DIY Snowman
  6. Alternatively kids could mount or stick these holiday favourites with glue on a painted quarter plate that could be used as a wall hanging in their rooms or even gifted to friends and family.
  7. This is also the best time to encourage kids and teach them gift wrapping. Kids could use hand made paper and create vegetable prints on them (a slice of ladyfinger dipped in red paint and placed on hand made paper could be lovely hand made inclusion to gift wrapping).
  8. Similar ideas are also preparing an activity calendar for December wherein every day the kid has a fun hour to look forward to, creating a scrap book with Christmas memories, photographs, wishlists to save as a keepsake or even a book of ideas and clippings that are put together as useful tips for the holiday season!
  9. Use this time to create a party at an orphanage or a home for differently abled kids, wherein the kids decorate the orphanage, sing carols for the kids, organise games and activities, play Secret Santa, carry gifts and also may be plan a Christmas play, sing carols and read stories for the kids. This is both meaningful and will keep the kids engaged towards creating a brighter and happier Christmas for all involved. If the kids have a little more time involve them in baking a cake or decorating a cake to carry with you and celebrate the spirit of giving and sharing!

Holiday traditions

The mistletoe or the Christmas wreath, Christmas cards, Christmas inspired invitations, holiday games, secret Santa, gifts under the tree, writing of wish list of gifts one wants and receiving them from Santa for being good through the year is again a popular tradition.

The kids always look out for Christmas goodies like Yule logs, Cookies, chocolate cakes, bakes, marzipan, rose cookies, kulkuls, guava cheese, hot chocolate and frosted cakes. The highlight of the Christmas party could also be the tableware one chooses. Colourful green and red mugs, plates with a hint of red and green or even if you wish Christmas inspired paper plates & cups if it’s a picnic lunch lend well to the holiday charm.

When and where to shop

End November or early December is the perfect time. Keep a look for sales through the year and Christmas bazaars. During holidays and travels encourage the kids to pick Christmas ornaments, accessories, recipe books and decor.
Various natural and organic elements like pine cones and shells could be picked during vacations and can either be used to decorate the Christmas tree or wreath, placed in glass jars or painted and placed as decor elements.


Finally have a giant stocking placed at the door for kids to pick their gifts!

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