12 Top Animated Movies to watch out for in 2016

12 Top Animated Movies to watch out for in 2016 Cover Image

Have you ever felt the need for a handy guide that will keep you updated with the newer releases so that you don’t miss a good children’s movie? We heard your wish and present you with a list of yet-to-be-released-movies.

Animated movies are a hot favorite with kids. Isn’t it usual, after every good movie, to deal with questions from kids such as, “When are we coming back for another one?”

To save you the trouble of checking and keeping track of new releases, we’ve compiled a list of the most anticipated animated movies for 2016.

1. Ratchet and Clank

Solana Galaxy is threatened by an alien and it’s up to an unusual pair of a mechanic and a robot (Ratchet and Clank) to join hands with The Galactic Rangers and save the Galaxy.

Release Date: Released on 29th, April 2016

2. The Wild Life

Also titled Robinson Crusoe, the story is about how Robinson Crusoe finds his friends among animals and birds when he finds himself isolated after a storm on a beautiful island.

Release Date: Scheduled for 13th May, 2016

3. The Angry Birds

Watch the most-awaited movie to find out what makes three flightless birds very very angry. Fans of the game will be waiting to watch this one, for sure!

Release Date: Scheduled for 20th May, 2016

4. Finding Dory

Remember the forgetful fish, Dory, from the adorable ‘Finding Nemo’? Well, this is her story about how she reunites with her family. We expect it to be as sweet as the first movie!

Release Date: Scheduled for 17th June, 2016

5. The Secret Life of Pets

Did you know that pets also go through emotions like revenge and jealousy? Here’s a movie that lets you get a peek into the lives of pets when the owners are not around. Barrel full of laughs guaranteed with this one.

Release Date: Scheduled for 8th July, 2016

6. Ice Age 5: Collision course

The adventures of Mandy, Sid, Scrat, Diego never fail to thrill and amuse us. In Ice Age 5, the world is threatened by cosmic events and the herd has to find a new land for themselves. Do you think this one would be as endearing and funny as the other films in the series? Let’s wait and watch.

Release Date: Scheduled for 22nd July, 2016

7. Kubo and the two strings

What happens when some spirits from the past turn Kubo’s quiet village life upside down? Watch this 3D animated movie and find out.

Release Date: Scheduled for 19th August, 2016

8. Pete’s Dragon

When Grace, a forest ranger, comes across a 10-year-old Pete and hears the boy’s story about him living with a dragon, she’s determined to find out the truth. Dive into an adventure story about Pete and his dragon friend, Elliot.

Release Date: Scheduled for August, 2016

9. Storks

Junior, a stork, accidentally produces a baby girl and delivers it to a big corporation. Junior must now find a way to fix the unexpected situation before all hell breaks loose. Now, this is surely going to produce some big laughs, don’t you think so too?

Release Date: Scheduled for 23rd September, 2016

10. Trolls

This musical comedy film has an an unlikely pair of trolls that set out on an adventure that takes them far away. What does their adventure lead to?

Release Date: Scheduled for 4th November, 2016

11. Moana

A Walt Disney movie, Moana is a story about a daring teenager who wants to complete the unfinished job of her ancestors of discovering unknown islands. The plot promises to be full of action and adventure as Moana and her demi-god friend travel across the mighty waters.

Release Date: Scheduled for 23rd November, 2016

12. Sing

This is a musical comedy that has a koala organizing a music competition to save his father’s theatre. Among the contestants who take part are a pig, an elephant, a gorilla and a porcupine. What could possibly go wrong?

Release Date: Scheduled for 21st December, 2016

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