20 helpful take-aways from the ‘Magic Years’ Parenting workshop

The ‘Magic years’ workshop was held by Buzzingbubs and conducted by Dr Nimrat Singh, earlier this month. We’ve edited the 2 hour long workshop into a short 15 minute video that captures the 20 most important take-aways from the workshop.

About the workshop

Every child goes through various stages of growth and development. Although this is reality is a universal phenomenon, there are individual differences in the way each child unfolds and grows. As educationalist and parents, we need to understand various stages of development and to find ways of maximizing each child’s potential. The formative years of a child are most important to his future role taking.

‘Magic years’ is a workshop specially designed to understand and partner the growth of a child. It is an open forum, where parents can share and understand the growing up process through a dialogue with the psychologist.

Here are the key take-aways from the workshop

  1. There is no magic formula to parenting
  2. Respect the uniqueness of your child
  3. Stop controlling and start understanding your child
  4. Let your child solve his/her problems
  5. Stop clearing the path for your children
  6. A child is a reflection of ourselves
  7. Benchmarks have to be within the child
  8. Stop being judgemental and critical about yourself
  9. Help your child by sharing how you dealt with similar situations
  10. Fears are real, address them
  11. Create comfort around time for your child
  12. Keep a lot of elbow time for your child
  13. Being consistent with your child is a must
  14. Make logic your best friend
  15. Give importance to participation over winning
  16. Don’t burden your child for being the older one
  17. Catch them young
  18. Look for early signs of inclination and interest
  19. Encourage other dimensions apart from the role of a mother
  20. There are serious effects of couple conflicts on children

Remember your children were born to you and you cannot own and possess them. They have a free will to live the way they choose.

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