16 Unique Christmas trees to pick from this holiday season!

16 Unique Christmas trees to pick from this holiday season! Cover Image

Have you found your perfect Christmas Tree for the holidays? This article will help you make up your mind! Christmas is incomplete without the perfect tree…after all, isn’t that what embodies the spirit of the season? The pretty ornaments, the shiny lights and all the memories that you get to create with your family while decorating it together. This curated list will help you pick your tree for the holidays all you need to do is read on!

“Oh Christmas Tree…Oh Christmas Tree…how lovely are thy branches!”

Get your ornaments out, folks because it’s time to decorate your Christmas tree! If we had to rate some of our favourite holiday experiences, decorating the Christmas tree would surely be one of the top ones. And having the perfect Christmas tree just makes it all the more worthwhile.

Fortunately, we are one step ahead in ensuring that your Christmas is the special holiday that you want it to be by curating a list of Christmas trees that you can buy. Be it your home or your office, these trees will make you feel holly jolly for sure. Now all you need to do is scroll on through and pick the one (or even the ones :p) you love the most. Are you ready to put the ho, ho ho, in your holiday cheer? Let’s start!

16 Unique Christmas trees to pick from this holiday season!

1. Set Of 2 Artificial Christmas Trees (1 Feet) by Tied Ribbons

Trees For Table Home

Festive and durable, this mini Christmas tree set is the perfect addition to your holiday decor. Be it for your home, your home office or even in public places like restaurants, this set complements any setting.

The tree set is pre-lit and decorated with beautiful ornaments and various holly berries spread throughout the branches.

Buy Now: Rs.749/-

2. Star Christmas tree in mango wood by Think Artly

Star Christmas tree

A Christmas tree with a twist. This one is a perfect addition with its handcrafted star shapes and a natural (slightly wood burning) finish which gives it a festive look.

Each piece is hand made by skilled artisans and due it being handcrafted along with the natural materials used, each piece is unique.

Buy Now: Rs.1,299/-

3. White and natural Rustic Christmas Tree in mango wood by Think Artly

White and natural Rustic Christmas Tree

Hand-carved with a distressed white and natural finish, this Christmas tree has a beautiful rustic look.

Each piece is hand made by skilled artisans and is unique in design.

Buy Now: Rs.849/-

4. Pre-Lit LED Wood Pallet Tree with Star BY Nesa Home

Pre-Lit LED Wood Pallet Tree

This pre-lit LED wood pallet Christmas tree with a star will never fail to bring in some Christmas cheer to your space.

The best part is that this tree by Nesa Home is open to customization…how fun!

DM for details/to order. nesahome_

5. Dried Christmas tree- small by Maeva

Dried Christmas tree

This little tree is just perfect for your Christmas table, reflecting the joy and magic of the holiday season.

Made of dried Palmira leaves with a bamboo base that will never go out of style, it’s sure to be the star of any holiday get together. The best part is that it is lightweight and very versatile.

Buy Now: Rs.749/-

6. Evergreen Xmas Pom Pom Tree With Lights by igp.com

Evergreen Xmas Pom Pom Tree

Feel the yuletide vibe in an evergreen and eco-friendly way with this handmade Christmas tree that comes with POM-POMS! Yes, you read it right!

The Red & Green pom-poms make this Christmas tree so very adorable and just right for the festivities – a must-have for your home during Christmas.

Buy Now: Rs.875/-

7. My Christmas Plant by fernsnpetals

My Christmas Plant

An innovative way to celebrate Christmas is with an actual little tree that you can decorate. With this option, you’ll be thinking Green and clean – and why not use a tree which you can grow over time and decorate for every Christmas in the years to come.

P.S. – the pot that it comes in can be reused for growing small house plants or for storing your small trinkets as well.

Buy Now: Rs.1,399/-

8. Vinter 2021 by Ikea

VINTER 2021 by Ikea

An artificial potted plant that can be used indoors as well as outdoors. How versatile!

Get yourself this tree and decorate it just the way you want to with your kids! 

Buy Now: Rs.249/-

9. X’mas Tree – Infinity Light by The June Shop


This X’mas Tree Infinity Light is sure to be a great addition to your kids room or can even be the centerpiece of your Christmas celebrations.

This light can be wall mounted or simply kept on a desk or a side table and can even be used as a night lamp.

Buy Now: Rs.1,099/-

10. Green Christmas Tree by Maeva

Green Christmas Tree

It’s time to get the tree up for Christmas and this Green Christmas tree by Maeva is just what you need to put it the table, or on the shelf.

The hand-crafted love will bring instant cheer to your holiday décor and it can be preserved much after the festivities are over.

Buy Now Rs.2,199/-

11. Christmas Tree Metal Cage Potpourri

Christmas Tree Metal Cage

The right way to jump into the holiday spirit is by starting to decorate your Christmas tree. But wait, here’s a tree that you never thought could be the centre of your celebrations. Check out the range of Christmas-themed metal cage potpourri and add a bit of rustic flavor and winter aroma to your home.

The Golden metal Christmas tree filled with the classic red and green potpourri smells fresh and sweet and adding it to your living space can fill it with happy Christmas vibes!

Buy Now Rs.1,199/-

12. Star-struck Christmas Tree by Maeva

Star-struck Christmas Tree

The star-struck Christmas Tree by Maeva comes wrapped with LED strings, and is sure to add sparkle in unexpected places.

This can be preserved much after the festivities are over leaving you with priceless memories whenever you lay your eyes on them.

Buy Now Rs.2,699/-

13. Northland Artificial Pine Snow Christmas Tree 5 feet by Northland – Amazon

Artificial Pine Snow Christmas Tre

This Christmas Tree stands at 5 ft tall and is an eye-catching addition to any room during the holidays. The blades are made from high quality PVC material, which not only makes the tree look more real and more full, but also prevents the branches from getting crushed.

The sturdy base gives it the stability you are looking for and it’s easy to assemble as well.

Buy Now Rs.3,199/-

14. Red Flower Multi Color Fiber Optic Christmas Tree with Little White House by Trinity Christmas

Red Flower Multi Color Fiber Optic Christmas Tre

A 4ft, pre-lit, fiber optic with a little White House Christmas Tree that comes with a sturdy tree stand. The LED lights gives it an extra sparkle and it comes pre-decorated with Red flowers,

American pine cones, berries and a cute little light up white house. The frosted branch tip adds a touch of winter that is so very Christmassy and it’s easy to assemble as well.

Buy Now Rs.9,750/-

So, now that you know which Christmas Trees you can pick from, the only thing left to do is add them to your cart and get them in time for the festivities.

The choices are many and no matter what the requirement is, you’ll find a tree that’s perfect for your home. Besides, imagine how much fun your kids are going to have decorating these or even using some of them as decorations for the house! Shop away!

Featured image credit: Unsplash

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