16 Fabulous weekend getaways in India for 2017

16 Fabulous weekend getaways in India for 2017 Cover Image

2017 brings with it this spectacular share of long weekends. Turn them into wonderful holiday moments with your family.  

Here’s a month-by-month list of holidays that fall alongside a weekend along with our travel recommendations. We’ve also hinted at possible longer holiday options that will require a bit of re-arranging with your work and school schedules. These weekend getaways in India are perfect for families!

So, sit back and enjoy your coffee as we help you plan your vacation this year. Keep that travel planner by your side as you bookmark these dates.


Photo Credit: Mallalli Falls Premnath Thirumalaisamy, Flickr

Photo Credit: Mallalli Falls
Premnath Thirumalaisamy, Flickr

1. A 4-day break for Republic Day: 26th Jan to 29th Jan

26th Jan, Thurs, 27th Jan, Fri-take leave, Weekend.

What are your options: 

Visit the Scotland of the South-Coorg. An ideal break at this beautiful paradise in the beginning of the year is sure to have you all charged up for the next few months. Read more to plan your trip.



2. A 3-day break for Mahashivratri: 24th Feb-26th Feb

24th Feb, Fri-Mahashivratri, Weekend

What are your options:

Plan a trip to one of the archaeological sites around Bangalore with a comfortable stay at one of the nearby resorts. Look up the details to plan your trip.



3. A 3-day break for Holi: 11th Mar-13th Mar

Weekend, 13th Mar, Mon-Holi

4. A 4-day break for Gudipadwa: 25th Mar-28th Mar

Weekend, 25th Mar-take leave, 27th Mar-Gudipadwa

What are your options:

If you are keen on spotting the Big Cat aka the majestic tiger in the wilds and do not mind the heat outdoors, a trip to Ranthambore should be on your cards. If cooler climes and a relaxing holiday is your thing, head out for a pleasant stay at  “The Bungalow in Ooty”.



5. A 4-day break for Ramnavami: 1st Apr-4th Apr

Weekend, 3rd Apr, Mon-take leave4th Apr, Tues-Ramnavami

6. A 4-day break for Baisakhi and Good Friday: 13th Apr- 16th Apr

13th Apr, Thurs-Baisakhi, 14th Apr, Fri- Good Friday/Ambedkar Jayanthi, Weekend (Easter Sunday)

What are your options:

With the schools breaking for summer around the same time, it’s a perfect time to spend a kid-friendly holiday on the backwaters of Kumarakom. Stay at the Zuri and do more at Kerala.

Summer vacation is synonymous with trips to the North. Take your kids to see the snow at Manali and have fun skiing together!


Our Native Village, Bangalore, lotus pond

Lotus Pond: Photo courtesy: Our Native Village

7. A 3-day break for May Day: 30th Apr-1st May

Weekend, 1st May, Mon-May Day

What are your options:

Not in a mood to travel too far? Try this lovely eco-friendly resort just a short drive from Bangalore.


The Silver Oak Farm
8. A 3-day break for Ramzan Eid: 24th Jun- 26th Jun

Weekend, 26th June, Mon-Ramzan

What are your options:

Explore an organic farm coupled with a relaxing time at this homestay here.



9. A 4-day break for Janmashtami and Independence Day: 12th Aug- 15th Aug

Weekend, 14th Aug, Mon-Janmashtami, 15th Aug, Tues-Independence Day

10. A possible 10-day holiday: 12th Aug- 20th Aug

16th Aug, Wed-take leave, 17th Aug, Thurs-Parsi New Year, 18th Aug, Fri-take leave, Weekend

11. A 3-day break for Ganesh Chaturthi: 25th Aug-27th Aug

25th Aug, Fri-Ganesh Chaturthi, weekend

What are your options:

Monsoon is the best time to visit the gushing waterfalls amidst verdant lush green areas around Bangalore. Plan a visit to Shivanasamudram falls and stopover at this luxurious resort at Mysore.

If you’re eyeing the 10-day holiday, you could plan an international vacation too. How about a trip to London? Hurry, it’s never too early to start booking for foreign shores.


Bheemeshwari Adventure Nature Camp

Photo Courtesy: Jungle Lodges

12. A 3-day break for Onam: 2nd Sep- 4th Sep

Weekend, 4th Sep, Mon-Onam

What are your options:

Game for trekking or camping thrills? Being surrounded by scenic places, Bangalore has some fantastic options for you. Our recommendation: Bheemeshwari Adventure and Nature camp.



13. A 3-day break for Dussehra and Gandhi Jayanti: 30th Sep-2nd Oct

30th Sep, Saturday- Dussehra, 1st Oct, Sunday, 2nd Oct, Mon-Gandhi Jayanti

14. A possible 9-day break for Diwali: 14th Oct- 22nd Oct

Weekend, 16th Oct, Mon- Dhanteras, 17th Oct, Tues-take leave, 18th Oct, Wed-Diwali, 19th Oct, Thurs-take leave, 20th Oct, Fri-Bhaidooj, Weekend

What are your options:

The post monsoon period is apt to undertake wildlife safari tours. Want to spot the one-horned rhino? Plan a trip to our own Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary.

Want to make the most of the Diwali break and don’t mind splurging a bit? Consider visiting Dubai-the land of the royal sheikhs and beautiful deserts. There’s plenty to do for kids in this amazing city.



15. A 3-day break for Eid: 1st Dec-3rd Dec

1st Dec, Fri- Eid-e-Milad, Weekend

16. A 3-day break for Christmas: 23rd Dec- 25th Dec

Weekend, 25th Dec, Mon-Christmas

What are your options:

After all that traveling in the year, it’s natural to feel like being at home. But then, how about holidaying at a place that feels just like home?

We recommend staying at this quaint ancestral home on the outskirts of Bangalore.

We hope this list helps you in planning your travel itinerary for this year. Safe travels!

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