15 budget-friendly Return Gift Ideas

15 budget-friendly Return Gift Ideas Cover Image

Return gift ideas turning your legs to jelly? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

Birthday parties these days have become more than birthdays! Kids attend a party with the question, ‘What am I going to get in return?’ Consumerism is a tough battle and it seems to have reached even those hiding in the womb. Instead of thinking about the moral highs and lows of the economics involving birthdays and kids, let’s find some interesting ways to deal with it.

Budget Friendly Return Gift Ideas : With a little planning ahead there is no reason why you cannot opt for these budget friendly yet very special and personalized gifts. A thoughtful gift is the best possible gift and here we go. Involving the kids in the making process also builds a special experience for the kid who’s attending the party as well as the birthday child.

1. Little bamboo baskets to keep trinkets

In good Indian craft stores you might get them though the price could be hiked there. Ecoprozone is the place I ordered from for a good price. Here’s the link if you’re interested: Ecoprozone

2. Coin Box: Kids Mini Bank

You can order for those little pots made with terracotta from a potter for the kids to put in their money. Have it personalised by choosing the paints to match your theme.

3. Potted plants

Easy to maintain plants in little pots for the kids to take care by themselves. You can also give money plants which are beautiful and can be grown easily, they can be put in a bottle with some water too instead of pots.

4. Crayon moulds

You can melt some crayons into baking moulds and make them in interesting shapes or multicolors. You get moulds in shapes of dinosaur/teddy bears/animals and even geometric shapes.

5. Pen stands out of mud pots

Plain mud pots that can be painted and made into pen stands. Each one can have a pattern or a colour or if it’s a small number of kids then you can personalize them with their name.

6. Milk Mugs

Plain white mugs can be taken and painted with glass colors or special pens meant for the purpose. If you are good at drawing then stick figure cartoon strips also can be made on the mug.

7. Calendars

Using cardstock, paints/stickers/pattern stamps (wooden blocks used for block printing) Washi tape (colourful tape also would do). You can make each month in a theme and paint them with beautiful art. Or have a story that spreads across all the 12 months.

8. Handmade Chocolates

Using the moulds you can make chocolates in different shapes and also you can hide away a treat in them like gems/nuts/butterscotch nuts. You can also make them in shapes of Alphabet for the kids with their initial.

9. Painted Bookmarks

Using card stock and some colourful wool you can make some beautiful painted book marks. You can put in some interesting lines that the kids might relate to. You can stick little stickers or feathers or sequins to make it colourful.

10. Bottles cut and made into bird feeders

There are many ways to make bird feeders and using old water bottles is one good way of doing it. You can also paint them and make it colourful. A small packet of bird seed along with some information about the birds written and stuck on to it makes it special and personal.

11. Porcelain diyas

Little Porcelain diyas or tiny bowls that can be packed with candy and wrapped with cling film.

12. Make a ten page flip book

Put down a small story with illustrations painted. It’s again a very special present that can be personalised for each kid if you have a smaller group.

13. Dream catcher

You can make these using some patterned papers stuck to strings or colourful wool that can be hung from sticks tied together. These are very easy to make and make a pretty gift. You can also cut the paper into different shapes like birds/butterflies/geometric shapes etc.

14. Personalised CD’s

For slightly older kids this could make an interesting gift. Make mix tapes I mean CDS for kids with the latest music and you can also have the CDs printed with a special group picture dear to them.

15. Make little origami project gift sets.


You can write down the instructions and give the necessary material to make it and pack it as a gift set.

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