15 back-to-school healthy recipes for kids

15 back-to-school healthy recipes for kids Cover Image

Lip-smacking, delicious, delectable- hungry yet? Hey, we forgot to add ‘healthy’! Here are 15 healthy recipes for kids that combine taste and nutrition.

It can be a challenge to consciously churn out only healthy recipes for kids, especially when the draw of quick mixes, processed foods and fast food seems so tempting. So , we’ve compiled 15 recipes for you that your kids will not only relish but can also indulge in, without any side effects.


1. Healthy moong dal cake: Taste with a twist!

Tired of feeding your children the same old Moong Dal preparation? Why not bake a cake with the very same Moong dal and surprise them with a treat?

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2. Raw cacao fudge: Simple & delicious recipe!

Lip-smacking, drool worthy and yet, healthy too! What are you waiting for? Make this cacao fudge today!

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3. Savoury Crackers for kids

How about some crispy Indianised savoury crackers to munch along with your child’s evening cup of milk? Try this healthy recipe instead of chips and fried snacks.

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4. Whole Grain Burger Buns

The word burger is usually synonymous with junk. But not this one; it’s super healthy and it doesn’t compromise on the taste at all!

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5. A quick and easy recipe to kick-start a healthier 2015

A recipe so easy to make, it takes less than 15 minutes to prepare our ‘Soya Cheela’. It feels like a veggie omelette that the kids will really love.

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6. A perfect magic drink for the winter days

What a lovely way to catch up on your breath with a cup of warm kashayam, the perfectly blended spice tea. Its so good on the wintry days with tinges of spice and sweet laced with delicate flavors.
 Its a perfect remedy to clear the congestion and sore throats. Perfect for the kids too.

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7. Healthy Tofu Bhurji

‘Soya Paneer’ also known as ‘Tofu’ is a healthy alternative for paneer. Tofu is a good source of protein and contains all eight essential amino acids.

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8. A Red Rice Recipe

Here is a delicious pulao recipe made from Kerala red rice. Scrumptious enough to get children to eat the fibrous rice with the added goodness of your choice of vegetables. My husband and my son love it very much.

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9. Whole Wheat Oat Meal Banana Muffins

These muffins break the myth of how healthy things are not as tasty! You will need a muffin pan and a rubber spatula to make these delicious muffins!

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10. The Superfood Granola

Sharing my granola recipe which I call “The Superfood Granola” with all you mommies. This also makes an alternative cereal for kids, they love to make it and eat it.

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11. Mixed Healthy Roti

A very simple recipe, something that can be served for breakfast, school snack or can be enjoyed any time of the day.

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12. Whole Wheat Crackers with Crème Fraîche dip

Look no further beyond your own pantry to make these wonderfully, healthy crackers. The crème fraîche dip is a refreshing accompaniment.

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13. Raw vegan pesto sauce: A dip and a spread!

Raw foods and tasty dishes? But, of course! This quick and easy pesto sauce will save you time in the kitchen!

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14. Healthy Almond Cookies: Lip-smacking snack

Looking for something healthy to feed kids post school hours? All it takes are the ingredients available in one’s own kitchen. Give these eggless Whole wheat almond cookies a try.

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15. Healthy Ragi Laddoos recipe this festive season

Laddoos are a staple favourite at every festival. Ragi laddoos can add to the health quotient while keeping the taste buds tingling. Try this easy recipe.

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