14 Adorable Books to Read Aloud for Toddlers

14 Adorable Books to Read Aloud for Toddlers Cover Image

Reading out to toddlers can be a great way to bond with them and also helps them take baby steps towards developing social skills. Here are some great books to introduce to your tiny tots.

While you might have read out to your kids even as they were infants, the toddler years are really one of the best years when reading out to them not only creates a channel of love, care, and communication but also cements the foundation of early learning and comprehension in the kids.

Here are 14 fantastic books that you will love reading out to your toddlers as much as they would enjoy listening to:

books_toddler_going_to_bed_book1. The Going to Bed Book by Sandra Boynton

A bunch of animals on a ship prepare for bed, step-by-step through a series of silly gestures until they rock themselves to sleep.

What BB liked: The lines have a good rhythm to them. The funny illustrations are bound to be a hit with kids. Be prepared for the repeated readings before bedtime!

Age Group: 1 to 3 years

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books_toddler_barney_colour_train2. Barney’s colour train by Gayle

The colourful train cars chug along the track with lovely rhythmic lines. Barney, BJ and Baby Pop load the blue car with blueberries, the red train car with strawberries, the orange car with orange pumpkins, and so on.

What BB liked: The repetitive lines ‘clickety clack, clickety clack’ are a joy to read out as an attentive and amused toddler looks on. Plus, a fun way to teach kids a variety of fruits and colours through the book!

Age Group: 1 to 3 years

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3. The sesame street series: Elmo’s bedtime Countdown

This pull-tab book takes you through Elmo and his friends’ bedtime routine. Right from taking a bath to brushing the teeth to putting down pajamas to finally going to sleep, every activity counts.

What we liked: This is an amazing way to teach young tots the importance of having a good bedtime routine and perhaps even numbers. What’s more? It’s a pull-tab book, so your tot can spend hours exploring the book on his/her own.

Check out the other books in this series too!

Age Group: 1 to 4 years

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4. Do you want to be my friend? by Eric Carle

Who can be your friend? This book answers this tricky question is a simple manner through the story of a mouse that goes about looking for its friend asking one animal after another the rhetorical question until it finds its match in the end.

What we liked: The illustrations are eye-catchy and spills over from one page to another like a teaser. Kids will have fun guessing the animal from the look of the tail. A great way to teach them how friendships are formed among equals.

Age Group: 1 to 4 years

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5. Peek-A-Who? by Nina Laden

Mirroring the game with the same name, this book teases and builds a toddler’s natural curiosity in animals. A cut-out book, it lets you have a peek and guess which animal is behind the page with rhyming clues and bright pictures.

What we liked: The phonics and rhyming words make for an easy introduction to the English language. The format lets the child remain amused and curious even as the animals make their entry. The book can be made into a fun game between the parent and toddler.

Age Group: 1 to 4 years

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6. Ten little monkeys jumping on the bed by Tina Freeman

A rhyming, sing-along book that makes for a fun read through a short story of how each of the monkeys fall off the bed as they jump.

What we liked: A lovely way to teach a child the consequences of dangerous play and also numbers. Besides, the book has tiny holes that can keep a child happy and busy to explore.

Age Group: 1 to 4 years

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books_toddler_spot7. The Spot book series by Eric Hill

Spot, the dog is the central character of the book series by Eric Hill. Most the books in the series are the lift-the-flap ones and narrate everyday happenings in Spot’s life in a simple, heartwarming and humorous way. Among the popular ones are “Where’s Spot?”, “Spot loves his Daddy”, “Spot visits his grandparents”.

What we liked: The highlight for a toddler would most definitely be the lifting the flap and discovering what lies beneath. The texts are short, simple and make for a great bedtime book. Pick any or all of the books in the series.

Age Group: 1-4 years

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8. Guess how much I love you by Sam McBratney

The book plays out by dialogues between the little Nutbrown hare and Big Nutbrown hare, his father, about quantifying the love shared between them.

What we liked: A completely adorable book about expressing love. An oft-repeated dialogue between a child and a parent about how much more one loves the other is depicted so beautifully, you might end up reading it more for yourself than the kid!

Age Group: 1 to 4 years

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9. Mr. Brown can moo, can you? by Dr. Suess

Mr. Brown imitates the sounds and noises of sundry animals, from a hippo to a cow, to a bee to a rooster through funny, rhyming poetic lines.

What we liked: The sound of the words are a sheer joy to read out and mimic. Learning onomatopoeia would never have been so easy and fun!

Age Group: 2 to 4 years

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10. Winne the Pooh: Pooh’s honey trouble

Pooh’s love for honey is well-known. But, what happens when his stomach growls and there’s not a drop of his favourite food in the pots?

What we liked: It’s a touch-and-feel book which makes it delightful and perfect for a tot who has begun discovering his/her love for books. The book is filled with the usual charm and warmth synonymous with the other adventures of Pooh in the Hundred-Acre wood.

Age Group: 2 to 5 years

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11. The Peppa Pig board book series by Ladybird

Like the hugely popular Peppa Pig TV series, the book focuses on the little pig, Peppa, and her adventures. The series show Peppa in different situations with short texts with a nice moral at the end.

What we liked: Peppa is a cute relatable character and while the stories are short, they aid in gently reinforcing a sense of rule and routine in a toddler’s life.

Age Group: 2 to 5 years

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books_toddler_sharing_a_shell12. Sharing a Shell by Julia Donaldson

A hermit crab sets out in search of a new shell and has to share the same with a bristleworm and a sea anemone. The three later bicker over the shared space and how they finally weather the storm (literally and figuratively) to co-exist happily in a bigger shell.

What we liked: Sea creatures don’t fail to fascinate young kids and the book introduces some of these mystic beings through bright colours and lovely depictions. The story touches upon the importance of sharing and symbiotic relationships.

Age Group: 2 to 5 years

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13. Are you my mother? by P.D.Eastman

A little bird goes in search of her mother and asks this innocent question to a kitten, cow, dog, and so on until the mother bird finds her and brings her home. The story touches upon the idea of biological similarities and the comfort of a family.

What we liked: The simple story has different layers of meanings that can be explored in an age-appropriate manner as the child grows. The illustrations are fabulous and engage the little readers suitably.

Age Group: 2-6 years

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14. The very hungry caterpillar by Eric Carle

A beautiful book to teach the life-cycle of a butterfly to young kids. It begins with how the caterpillar keeps eating one thing after the other, then cocoons itself for weeks, finally emerging out as a beautiful butterfly.

What we liked: The pictures are large and colorful to keep toddlers engaged. With catchy texts to match, this book makes for a wonderful page turner. Appeals to even older kids and one can keep coming back to the book.

Age Group: 2 to 6 years

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