11 home remedies for minor burns

11 home remedies for minor burns Cover Image

Essential oils, vinegar, tea are just some of the things you’ll find in your pantry. They are among 11 items you can use as home remedies for minor burns.

Whether you’re working in the kitchen or quite simply playing with fire or crackers during a festive occasion, be aware that you could get burnt. Prevention is necessary but sometimes, accidents can happen. So here are our simple home remedies for minor burns which you can use right away!


1. Cold Water

Treatment: Immediately run the affected area under cold running water.
How it helps: The cold water helps in stopping the burn from spreading as well as soothes and reduces the pain.
Tip: Avoid applying ice to the affected area as it will restrict the blood flow and it can cause damage to the delicate tissue.


2. Honey

Treatment: Spread the honey on a gauze bandage and apply it directly on to the burnt area. Do remember to change the bandage every 3 to 4 times a day.
How it helps: Due to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties it disinfects the wound and helps in healing the burn.


3. Aloe vera

Treatment: Cut a piece of the aloe vera leaf and gently apply the gel directly on to the affected area.
How it helps: Aloe vera has an astringent and tissue healing property which helps in reducing the pain and inflammation. Due to its soothing properties it also helps in reducing the chances of having blisters as well as stimulates the skin growth and repair. Though do remember to wash the affected area before you apply the gel.
Tip: You could add a tiny teaspoon of turmeric powder (haldi powder) to the aloe vera gel. In case you don’t have the plant you could also use a cream that has aloe vera as an ingredient.


4. Coconut oil and lemon juice

Treatment: Squeeze a little bit of lemon juice to the coconut oil. Once you have mixed it properly gently apply it on to the affected area.
How it helps: As we all know coconut oil is rich in Vitamin E and fatty acids such as auric acid, merits acid and caprylic acid which offers anti fungal, antioxidant and anti-bacterial benefits. The lemon juice has acidic properties which naturally lightens the scar.


5. Raw potato

Treatment: Cut a piece of raw potato and gently spread the potato juice over the affected area.
How it helps: Raw potatoes have anti-irritating and soothing properties, which helps in curbing the irritation around the wound.


6. Black tea bags

Treatment: Put 3 tea bags in a pitcher filled with warm water for a few minutes. Let it cool and then soak a clean cloth in it and place it on the affected area. Re-apply as needed.
How it helps: The tannic acid in the black tea helps in drawing the heat out of the burn.
Tip You could also use cold tea bags directly on to the affected area.


7. Milk

Treatment: Pour cold milk over the affected area.
How it helps The cold milk helps in soothing the skin and is a good after treatment as well.
Tip It is preferable if you use skimmed milk only.


8. Onion juice

Treatment: Cut a fresh piece of onion and apply the juice onto the affected area immediately. Please repeat this process as many times as possible through the day.
How it helps: Due to its components like sulphur compound and quercetin it helps in relieving the pain as well as reduces the chances of blisters.
Tip Please make sure you only use a fresh onion every time as onion’s lose their medicinal properties after a few minutes of slicing them.


9. Vinegar

Treatment: Pour a little bit of vinegar or apple cider vinegar in equal amounts of water. Rinse the burnt area with this solution properly and apply a wet cloth dipped in the same solution onto the affected area. Replace the cloth with a fresh one every 2 to 3 hours.
How it helps: The astringent and antiseptic properties helps in treating the burns as well as prevents any infection.


10. Lavender Essentials Oil:

Treatment: Gently apply a little bit of the lavender essential oil onto the affected area.
How it helps: The lavender essential oil has both antiseptic and pain killing properties which helps in reducing the risk of scarring.

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11. Vanilla Extract

Treatment: Take a small cotton swab dipped in vanilla extract and gently dab it onto the affected area.
How it helps The evaporation of the alcohol in the vanilla extract will cool the burn and alleviate the pain.

Sources: boldsky.com

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