10 Simple ways for mommies to get that much needed “Me-Time”

10 Simple ways for mommies to get that much needed “Me-Time” Cover Image

Taking time out to rejuvenate and recharge mind and body is no longer a privilege but an essential requisite to a healthy life. Mommies, this is for you!

Motherhood can be rewarding but one cannot deny that it’s an exhausting job. Whether you hold a full-time job or are a SAHM, a caregiver of a newborn or someone dealing with newly-minted teens, a mother of a single child or multiples, you’re entitled to some downtime from all the parenting, housework, multitasking, and the to-do lists.

We are here to remind you about how you can bring in a little fun and relaxation for yourself without changing too much in your busy schedule.

Here are 10 simple ways for some “Me Time” so you can rejuvenate yourself:

1. Gather up for an all-girls’ time


There’s nothing more refreshing than having girlfriends over for a warm tete-a-tete. Better still, fix up a date night with your close pals, bring out an old childhood board game and let your hair down. Or, you could make it more interesting by inventing crazy games over say, a dessert potluck.

2. Book yourself a Spa


Pampering the body and mind is one of the best ways to relax and forget the day’s worries. Set aside some time during the week or over the weekend to luxuriate your body and mind. With premium services like Housejoy or Urban Clap, one can even avail a home service. So, choose whatever works for you and go for it.

3. Go for a movie or a brunch by yourself



Friends busy or unavailable? This is no time to mope and indulge in self-pity. Head out by yourself, watch that long pending movie or sit by a cool cafe and eat an uninterrupted meal. Trust us, it feels heavenly to be in your own company. Good for some serious thinking too!

4. Make fitness a priority


In the mad rush of routine and our strife for perfection in every role we play, we women often lose sight of our health and the importance to remain fit. Break away from the usual and find a workout routine that suits your style. How about enrolling for a Zumba or a yoga class? Not only does it help increase stamina levels but has a great calming effect on the mind too.

5. Become a tourist in your city


Yes, you heard us right! There’s always something new happening around us; perhaps a lovely store for knick-knacks has opened up nearby or the jogger’s park right next door has got a face-lift. Put your walking shoes, take a camera for some interesting clicks and explore!

6. Take a detour from school


Do you pick-up and drop-off kids to school on your own? Then, this is a perfect chance for you to team up with friends and take a short coffee break or stroll together in a nearby mall or park.

7. Doodle, sing or dance


Bring out that art book for Zentangles, colouring, craft, puzzles, Sudoku or anything you love doing and immerse yourself in it. If music or dance is more your thing then you absolutely must devote a little time a day singing or dancing to your favourite numbers. There’s nothing quite fulfilling than investing a little time in your talent and hobbies.

8. Join a hobby class


Speaking of hobbies, how about taking a class to hone your special skills or learn something that you’ve always wanted to-baking, glass-painting, piano, photography or even cricket?. It’s a refreshing way to step aside from the routine track and show yourself some love.

9. Grow a green thumb


Gardening can be therapeutic. If you are a green enthusiast, you’d agree that the entire process of sowing the seed, digging or layering the soil, watering the seedlings with care and seeing them flourish is a truly satisfying activity and actually helps in clearing out the mind too.

10. Do nothing


Ah, never underestimate the power of unplugging from all your activities and letting yourself be. You can switch off for a few hours right in the comfort of your home or even take off for a short staycation nearby to recharge your tired cells. Catch up on that precious sleep and basically do nothing!

Liked these tips? Share your views with us. We’d love to know what’s your favourite me-time activity.

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