10 inventions that kids this generation will never know

10 inventions that kids this generation will never know Cover Image

Life, as we know, has changed in more ways than one in the last 2 decades, especially in the wake of the ever evolving technology. Here are some tech discoveries of an era that serve as nostalgia for some of us.

As a generation that grew up in the 80s and 90s, we have seen life before the advent of mobile phones and witnessed the changing face of digital technology. Ever realised, our kids would never understand how we survived without cable TV or how exciting it was to venture into a public phone booth to make that important call?

Here are 10 coolest inventions that kids this generation will never be able to relate to

1. Dial-phones


It was a sheer wonder how these bulky instruments made the process of calling up someone seem so eventful. One had to slowly trace the entire diameter of the dial with the index finger and then allow it to slide back to its place before dialling the next digit. Such pleasure! And, not every household owned one of these. So, it was definitely a priced possession.

2. Floppy Disc


This square black piece was used to store important data from the computer. Used to store resumes or confidential information, we remembering guarding these more than the life. However, keep this stored for a long while and you could be in for a rude shock to discover that the files in there got corrupt.

3. T.V. Antennas or Analog television sets


Remember the days of blurred, grainy pictures on the T.V? One member of the household, usually the father had to climb up all the way to the terrace where one could find a mishmash of all the T.V. antennas of each of the households hoisted on the walls of the terrace. Another member of the household waited below relaying the message from yet another member from inside the house to the one on the terrace. The antenna had to be deftly twisted till the grains on the T/V disappeared to give the best possible picture clarity. An immensely satisfying team activity, one could say!

4. Analog Radio sets


These were at a time much before the FM radio had set foot and were pretty similar to the grainy T.V sets. The difference was in fine tuning the knob to a precise position on the Mhz scale till the disturbances faded away.  How many of you can boast of owning and listening to one with a keen passion?

5. Cassette players


If you belonged to this generation you’d surely recall the instances of winding many a wayward tape back into the frame. It gave such thrill to insert a pencil or a pen into one of the eyes of the cassette and roll in the tape. And, does anybody remember how hilarious a worn out tape sounded on the player?

6. Vinyl Record Player


There was a time where stereo systems were huge and bulky, boasting of a 3-in-1 or 4-in-1 combo that included a vinyl record player. The sleek and shiny plates had to be carefully handled and as kids, we were so curious to know how the pin on the plate produced such melodious music! I guess these are still around although they have attained an antique status.

7. VCR/VCP players


We’d wait months for the new movies to release their cassette versions, so we could view it at home. Although piracy had raised its ugly head even back then, those days seemed innocent compared to this era of multi-screen openings and pirated online streaming of brand new movies. Also, this was the time when cable TV had already made its appearance and folks were getting used to having their favourite Tele serials or movies being telecast across channels. The timings would clash at times, leaving the poor viewer to choose. But, not when someone had the recorder; often a snooty neighbour who would have his favourite shows recorded on the shiny black box to be replayed at his convenience.

8. Typewriters


Who remembers going for that short-hand course right after graduation to add that layer of expertise on the resume? The inserting of the paper, click-clack of the keys, and then dashing off typed letters without looking at the keyboard, what a sense of accomplishment they gave! Not to mention, the 60 words per minute ordeal.

9. Roll cameras


The days of Kodak or Konica; buy two or three rolls for a trip, click not more than 36 pictures from a single pack of a roll, wait for 10 days to have it printed and pray anxiously that the photos came out well, don’t these all seem memories from a different lifetime? And, the horror of finding out that roll got exposed to light prematurely and the lovely trip snaps are all but a faint blur in your mind. These selfie-kids are never going to understand.

10. IBM computers


That huge, white set which occupied 2/3rds of an office table was an awe-inspiring machine. The black screen with the cursor typing out DOS and HTML codes gave such a thrill of being a part of advanced technology. Who knew that one day these machines could fit into the palms of your hand and little kids will understand and nonchalantly carry out complicated features!

We hope you enjoyed this nostalgic trip as much as we enjoyed writing about it. Can you think of any other gems from our times? Do pour in your thoughts.

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