10 Easy ways to teach Kids to Save Water!

10 Easy ways to teach Kids to Save Water! Cover Image

22nd March is World Water Day, and how about we take this opportunity to turn our kids into little water saviours! Respecting and doing our bit to conserve this essential commodity is crucial, now more than ever, and parents, this could be the perfect occasion to start that journey with your little ones. So, read on and find easy ways to save water, everyday!

“By saving water today, we are saving our future.”

If we had to pick one thing that we probably take for granted everyday, it would have to be water. Water is everywhere and we use water for everything. From the time we wake up to the time we go to sleep, water is one of the common touchpoints that we are in contact with for multiple reasons and it is a part of the environment’s core as well. We want it, we need it, we are dependent on it. Then why, parents, do we not always realise what a precious commodity it is?

The time to start appreciating water is NOW. The time to educate our kids and ourselves about how important water is, is NOW. The time to start saving water and conserving it is NOW! So, this year, on the occasion of World Water Day, we at #BuzzingBubs have come up with a few simple yet impactful ways by which you can help your kids understand what water is, the importance of water in our daily lives & the environment and how they can help save water on an everyday basis.

So, without any further ado, let’s go with the FLOW parents! Here are some ways in which you can teach your kids to save water. And there’s more – we’ve planned a, downloadable activity sheet for you guys which you can print and have your kids tick off the water saving activity they’ve done for the day!

Get them involved early, we say, it really makes all the difference.

1. Learn about the importance of Water

Save Water today


Be aware and spread awareness! Have you ever thought of why water is so important for us? The number one step is to educate children about water and its many uses. You can take advantage of stories, videos, games, and other interesting resources found online to make these learning sessions fun and interactive.

2. Turn off the water while brushing your teeth

Save Water while brushing

We are all guilty of leaving our taps running while brushing our teeth. How about we start turning the tap off and then on only when it’s required, like to rinse your mouth.

3. Take shorter baths

no shower baths

“You have the power to take a short shower! Save water.” – The Fresh Quotes.

Most of us tend to have a nice, long, hot showers; but do we realise how much water gets wasted in the process. How about trying to time yourself instead and limit the showering to just 10 minutes?

But even better still, why not switch to a bucket bath! Switching from a shower routine to a bucket and mug bathing routine can help save copious amounts of water. Continuous water flow in shower wastes a lot of water that can be saved by using a bucket and mug.

4. Reuse your towel

reuse your towel

Sometimes in a hurry we tend to drop our towel on the floor, which eventually goes for a wash way too often. How about we start mindfully telling our kids and ourselves to hang our towels out in the sun and use them for a week. This might seem a negligible task, parents, but trust us, it makes a HUGE difference.

5. Have a special water cup or bottle

while drinking water

Don’t grab a new cup every time you feel thirsty, instead have a special water cup or a reusable bottle that you can refill throughout the day. This way there will be fewer dishes to wash and in return more water to save.

6. Is your cup half full or half empty?

Save Water while drinking water

Drinking enough water in a day is important – it helps keep us hydrated and healthy. But wasting water which you don’t want to drink is an area which we can improve upon. So, parents, instead of only filling your water cup all the way to the top and throwing away the amount which you can’t drink; try filling it only half way so that you can finish it completely and then take more if required.

7. Don’t throw out old water

don't through out old water

Kids take school water bottles or bottles during their classes. Most of the time they don’t end up finishing entire bottle. How about teaching them to not waste the extra water, instead pour out the water into your plants or even your pet bowls.

8. Wash your fruits in a bowl of water

Save Water

Instead of washing your fruits and veggies under running water use a bowl filled with water which you can dunk them in. When your done washing, do not discard the left over water in the bowl – think Green and go pour it into your plants or garden.

9. Wipe your bike down

Save Water

You can also teach your kids to save water by teaching them to use a bucket and a rag to wipe down cycles while keeping them clean instead of spraying it with a bunch of water with the hose.

10. Avoid the use of water toys

Save Water

Water guns and other water toys may be a lot of fun, and of course kids love them, but it also encourages kids to waste precious water. Try avoiding these as much as possible, and enable your kids to do their part in saving water as ‘Water Warriors’. 

Parents, once you get going, it’s crucial to keep the ball rolling…or in this case the water flowing! So, spread the word and share this fun activity list and the downloads with other parenting communities, WhatsApp groups, your friends, families and to everyone who can become agents of positive change.

Remember, every action has an equal and opposite reaction, and by starting young you’ll help your kids understand the importance of this cause. Save water and you’ll be saving the world.

Remember your journey as a ‘Water Warrior’ begins today!


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