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School of India

About School of India

At SCHOOL OF INDIA, Bannerghatta road, Bangalore, they believe that their teachings are inspired from the rich legacy of India and they use the CBSE syllabus to impart the same. They celebrate an India that has contributed so much to the world and has been instrumental in shaping the modern world we see today. They celebrate everything Indian and instill a sense of pride about the country in your child.

Co-ed School
Board of Education
CBSE Board
Type of School
Curriculum Details

Aacademics is as important as extra-curricular activities. They work towards bringing out the latent talents of children and hone their skills so that they achieve perfection in their respective spheres. There is a thoughtful balance between teacher-directed work and child-directed activities. The children form attitudes about learning that last a lifetime and they remain adventurous learners.

Admission Details

At the time of registration the duly filled in application form along with 4 passport size photos of the child, a copy of the birth certificate (issued by the Municipal Corporation or any authorized competent authority) are to be submitted to the administrative office.

You can download the admission form here: Admissions page

Classes & Cut-off Age
Class Age Group
Nursery 2 years 8 months plus
LKG 3 years 8 months plus
UKG 4 years 8 months plus
Grade 1 5 years 8 months plus