Top 15 Kids Events to plan ahead for this Weekend

Top 15 Kids Events to plan ahead for this Weekend Cover Image

It’s time to put some fun back into your weekend! BuzzingBubs is back with a guide to some of the best and most exciting things to do with your little explorers.

If you’ve been following us, you’d know that BuzzingBubs’ thoughtfully created Weekend Planner week after week is your best guide for things to do with kids in Bangalore.

It’s a long weekend this time. And, there are tons of activities lined up for you to make it memorable. Naturalist camps, unique storytelling events, workshops for kids and parents, Science, Art, and craft and so much more. But, the cherry on the cake is surely the mega carnival in town. Don’t miss it!

This is a curated list. If you’re looking for specific events in your area, do check here.


Merry Go Carnival Cover Image

1 Don't miss this fun carnival!

Watch a juggler's show, a bike's performance, a stunning walk on stilts act, gymnastic shows and so much more! It's indeed a carnival one should not miss.

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Father Child Naturalist Camp Cover Image

2 Dads, go camping with your kids!

Father's Day might be over but who said celebrations must end. This camp is a perfect chance for all dads to spend some quality time with their kids in the lap of Nature. Hurry, register soon!

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Mini Family Mini Campout Cover Image

3 Stargaze with kids this weekend!

Rope in the kids and the entire family to spend time together in the lap of Nature, relaxing under the stars, strolling through the woods, telling stories and more. This camp is not too far from home too!

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A Potpourri Of Stories Cover Image

4 Enter a world different from yours

Ever wondered about what kind of stories are found in other cultures or a country radically different from our own? Here's a chance to know. Come, and enjoy this story session.

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Yoga Morning With Deepa Kannan Cover Image

5 Stretch up, stretch down, moms and kids!

Moms, kick-start the journey to great health and well-being with your little ones with this yoga session. You'll love it!

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Gilli Gilli Choo Cover Image

6 Say choomantar, disappear into a fantasy world!

Be spellbound by stories that create magic and about illusionists who cast a spell. This is going to be a memorable evening for sure!

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Alchemy Kitchen Chemistry Cover Image

7 Make the kitchen slab your Science lab

There's Science all around us, in everyday objects too. This workshop will teach your kids to observe, appreciate and learn from these. They even get to make their own toothpaste. Isn't that cool?

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Creative Seed Making & Gardening Workshop Cover Image

8 Let's create a greener Earth together

What are creative seeds and why should one grow them? Find out along with your kids in this very interesting and interactive workshop.

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Raising Cooperative And Compassionate Children Cover Image

9 Raise kind kids; attend this workshop!

Hold yourself in great esteem, your kids would turn out compassionate too, says this workshop. Want to know more? Do register.

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Basic Quilling Class For Children Cover Image

10 Cut and roll, paper turns prettier!

If your child loves to work with paper and make new stuff, this quilling workshop is the best way to introduce this fine technique.

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Clay Workshop Cover Image

11 Paint an attractive clay-toon!

It's a twosome wholesome. Have your kids attend this fun workshop where they make a cartoon with clay and then paint it!

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Nakul Shenoy’s Magic Workshop Cover Image

12 Learn magic with Nakul Shenoy

The popular magician-cum-hypnotist and author invites aspiring young magicians to this workshop to learn the tricks of the trade, quite literally.

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The Story Room Cover Image

13 Let's find the monkey's mum

Come and find out all about this cute story in this storytelling session where a monkey loses his mom in the jungle and his journey to find her with the help of a butterfly.

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Science Unboxed Cover Image

14 Try Chemistry, the wacky way!

Have kids learn the nuances of Science in a fun, interesting and even crazy manner with Daniel Paul. Watch them fall in love with Physics and Chemistry.

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Bhima Cover Image

15 Ponder over the life of this Pandava

Watch this play, a META award nominee, that raises interesting questions. It's a contemporary take on the life of the second Pandava, Bhima.

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