Top 15 Kids Events to plan ahead for this Weekend – 18th to 23rd August 2017

Top 15 Kids Events to plan ahead for this Weekend – 18th to 23rd August 2017 Cover Image

It’s time to put some fun back into your weekend! BuzzingBubs is back with a guide to some of the best and most exciting things to do with your little explorers.

If you’ve been following us, you’d know that BuzzingBubs’ thoughtfully created Weekend Planner week after week is your best guide for things to do with kids in Bangalore.

Parents, what a variety we have for you this weekend! There’s a musical tribute to the Broadway Musicals, storytelling with a twist to word puzzle parties and exciting workshops. And, not to forget, our favourite Lord Ganesha arrives next week, so get ready to welcome Him. But, the highlight of this weekend definitely has to be a Math Fest. Yes, you heard it right, it’s going to be full of fun facts and truly exciting. So, check out all the wonderful events!

This is a curated list. If you’re looking for specific events in your area, do check here.


Cuemath Pythagoras Fest 2017 Cover Image

1 Make Math your best friend

Did you know what's special about our Independence Day this year? The date 15.8.17 is a Pythagorean triplet, one that repeats only once in 100 years! This Math festival is all about taking the fear out of Math and making it an enjoyable activity. Don't miss it!

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Make Chocolate Ganesha Cover Image

2 Spread the joy with Chocolaty Ganpathy!

A Ganesha idol that can be immersed to become chocolate milk for the needy is an absolutely delightful way to teach kids about empathy and the environment. Adults can join the workshop too. Register soon!

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KLAY Wellness Day Cover Image

3 Hear the doc say, "all is well"!

Parents, avail of this great opportunity at Klay, where you can consult a dentist or pediatrician for your child under 10 years for free. A special Yoga/Zumba session for the little ones would keep them happy too.

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Stranger Danger – Social Story Cover Image

4 Kids, get ready for a yoga-story!

Can a combination of Yoga and story go wrong? Packaged in an excellent set of Yoga poses perfect for kids, the familiar fairy tale will gently send out an important message of being careful around strangers.

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Open Science Day Cover Image

5 Go on a magnetic trip with Science!

Get your kids to appreciate Science in this all day workshop. They will get to perform various experiments, learn about magnets and also make a DIY fridge magnet which they can take back home. What fun!

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Feel The Beat Cover Image

6 Come on, rock the dance floor!

Want to let your hair down with your little ones? Head out to this fun workshop where you can dance your heart to popular dance numbers. And hey, the best-dressed parent-child pair could win a prize too!

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Get Your Kids To Eat Healthy Cover Image

7 Raise healthy, happy kids!

Which parent hasn't dealt with protests at the sight of veggies or the lunch dabba woes? Now, this workshop is a must-attend as Namm Kini shares insightful tips about how to incorporate healthy food into your kids' diet and more.

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Puzzle Party Cover Image

8 Work your way through word mazes!

At this party, children will get to choose and solve different kinds of puzzles including jigsaws, logical and lateral thinking puzzles, shape and word puzzles and more.

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Big Bang 100 – A Celebration Of Iconic Broadway Musicals Cover Image

9 Treat yourself to this melodious tribute

Do you love the Broadway Musicals? Then, get ready for a spellbinding performance by the Bangalore Children's Chorus and the Adult Chorus as they pay their tribute to the original. There are 100 singers. Now, that's phenomenal!

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The Story Room Cover Image

10 Go gaga over yoga with Vitika

How to engage energetic little kids? Get them to an interactive session with Vitika Rastogi that will introduce them to the world of yoga through stories.

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Freedom Fiesta Cover Image

11 Celebrate with this riot of a carnival

Have the kids enjoy an extended I-Day celebrations with colours, paints, photo booth ads, Shadow Puppetry, kite making and a lot more fun activities at this fest. It's going be a gala day!

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Aeromodelling Workshop Cover Image

12 Model an aircraft and take home your creation!

Is your kid crazy about airplanes? Then, this workshop is just perfect! The kids will learn the basics of designing and building an aircraft. Plus, they get to take away the model built by them. Isn't that simply great?

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Book Worms Love Cover Image

13 Experience a book beyond its cover

What does a book-lover love more: reading a book or discussing it with like-minded friends? Now, give your little bookworm an opportunity once a month to explore a book beyond the realms of its pages. The theme of this month: Jungle Book!

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Comic Sketching Workshop Cover Image

14 Sketch a toon, laugh-a-ton!

Enroll your tweens and teens for this fun sketching workshop where they will learn to sketch comic characters. Watch their creativity unfold over a humorous session. Note: there are age-wise batches.

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Eco-Friendly Ganesha Idol Clay Workshop Cover Image

15 Welcome Ganesha the Eco-friendly way

Lord Ganesha is soon to arrive to fill our hearts with joy. Let's do our bit for the environment. Have kids attend this workshop where they will learn to make clay idols. Note the dates and timings.

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