15 things to do with kids in Bangalore this weekend: January 21st and 22nd

15 things to do with kids in Bangalore this weekend: January 21st and 22nd Cover Image

It’s time to put some fun back into your weekend! BuzzingBubs is back with a guide to some of the best and most exciting things to do with your little explorers.

If you’ve been following us, you’d know that BuzzingBubs’ thoughtfully created Weekend Planner week after week is your best guide for things to do with kids in Bangalore.

The variety of events this weekend is simply jaw-dropping! From debates to historic walks, science museums to kite flying, yoga in the park to a DJ workshop, martial arts training to Usha Uthup rapping in style. What can you possibly attend? Perhaps all? 15 of the best events from around the city are here for you. Go ahead and choose!

This is a curated list. If you’re looking for specific events in your area, do check here.


Sun, Moon, Stars and Planets Cover Image

1 Wonder no more about the world so high

It's a fascinating space out there, up in the sky and beyond. Learn all about the sun, moon, stars, and planets through stories with Aparna in this interactive and fun session.

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Sankranti Special Storytelling Cover Image

2 Fill up on the flavours of Sankranti!

Did you know why laddoos made of Til are eaten or kites are flown on Makar Sankranti? Listen to the wonderful folktales with Kathaghar that tell you about our rich festival culture.

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Let’s Weave a Story Cover Image

3 Link the cues, spin a story!

Concocting a story is all about giving wings to your imagination. How about a session where the kids would weave a tale using story cards and story rocks? There's pebble painting too. Find the centre closest to you.

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Karate & Dance Based Fitness – Trial Class Cover Image

4 Be fit for combat, always!

Fitness and self-defense are important assets for life today and the earlier you start the better. Here's a trial class conducted by CoachDirect for kids in Karate and dance based fitness training. Do attend.

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Science Express Cover Image

5 Science buffs, your weekend is made!

This science trip is a 3-hour session on weekends that will include hands-on science and robotic activities, shows on robots and even guided trips to science exhibits.

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Nature Party Cover Image

6 Let Nature be your guide

Get your kids closer to Nature. Have them spend the day with Cilre going on a scavenger hunt in the green spaces or doing nature-based craft activities.

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Catch Me If You Can Cover Image

7 Whet your curiosity for history

Go on a discovery trail with friends and family at the government museum, Cubbon park. Solve the riddles and clues as a part of team to walk along an intriguing path unraveling the history about the place.

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DJ Workshop Cover Image

8 Make us sway to your tunes, DJ!

Looking for a cool career, kids? You must go to this workshop and understand a DJ's day. You'd love the live demo on how a track is created and mixed during an event.

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Sensorial Nature Walk Cover Image

9 Explore with all your five senses

Do you appreciate beauty only through your eyes? Join Yogi Bubba as he shows you how you can experience a historical park more through touch, taste, smell, and ears on this sensorial walk at Lalbagh.

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Harvest Stories for Children and Family Cover Image

10 Relish stories about soil and crops

Whether you celebrate Pongal, Sankranti or Bihu, they all signify the harvest season. Listen to Vikram Sridhar regale you with tales related to the harvest time. Enjoy the snacks that are typical to these festivals.

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Kite Fest 2017 Cover Image

11 Make a kite and fly it too!

Put away all those electronic gadgets for a day and learn to make a kite. It's going to be a fun event to see if the kite stands any chance of flying. Don't forget to bring your snacks and water bottle.

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Word Wrestle – Debate Competition Cover Image

12 Participate in a verbal "Dangal"

Show everyone your convincing skills. Debate on one of the topics given for 3 minutes and stand a chance to win goodies and certificates too.

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Organic Farm Visit Cover Image

13 Turn towards organic living

In this organic farm tour, you’d meet with the organic farmers and experts and learn the basics of organic farming and a host of related activities like beekeeping, vermicomposting, herbs, spices, and food that can be grown locally.

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Monkey See Monkey Do Cover Image

14 Rap and tap with Usha Uthup

A fun musical, this has the famed singer Usha Uthup entertaining the audience with a rhapsody, to be accompanied by talking monkeys, a rib-tickling play of words, excellent sets, and costumes. Don't miss this!

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Fun Family Yoga Session Cover Image

15 Flex your muscles as a family

Build an awareness of the body and fitness through yoga as you and your family strike poses together at Cubbon park with the yoga teacher, Divya Nichani and Anna, a play therapist from Spain. Also, have fun at the picnic after the yoga session.

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