Top 10 Kids events to plan ahead for this weekend

Top 10 Kids events to plan ahead for this weekend Cover Image

It’s time to put some fun back into your weekend! BuzzingBubs is back with a guide to some of the best and most exciting things to do with your little explorers.

If you’ve been following us, you’d know that BuzzingBubs’ thoughtfully created Weekend Planner week after week is your best guide for things to do with kids in Bangalore.

With the annual exams over at most schools this week, the kids must be jubilant while the parents heaving a sigh of relief. Relax and celebrate the beginning of summer vacations with these fabulous 10 events in the city. Choose from cooking workshops to treasure hunts or getting groomed for a fashion show, get ready for an Eco-Nature walk or opt for an important session on good and bad touch for kids. Happy Holidays!

This is a curated list. If you’re looking for specific events in your area, do check here.


Tales N Trails Cover Image

1 Traverse the Eco-trail of enchanting tales

Stories and Nature compliment each other beautifully, don't they? Join storyteller Priya Muthukumar as she regales adults and kids alike with wondrous tales of Nature even as you enjoy the beautiful landscapes of this musical fountain park.

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Lets Talk Tough Stuff Cover Image

2 Say 'No', stay safe

What's a bad touch and how can a child deal with someone who's making him/her uncomfortable? This interactive workshop for parents and kids will address these important question through stories followed by a session on self-defense techniques.

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Tales on Tummy Food & Traditional Games Cover Image

3 Get ready, cook fire-free, play tech-free

Stories, food and games, what's not to love in this workshop! While the tales spike the kids' interest, a no-fire cooking session and an introduction to five of our traditional Indian games will keep them on their toes.

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International Kids Couture Cover Image

4 Step on the catwalk with poise

Is your dude or diva ready for a fashion show? Have your kids groomed to walk on the ramp confidently as well on the nuances of holding one's own in the crowd at this workshop.

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Dining Etiquette for Kids Cover Image

5 Be a charmer at lunch or dinner

When to use the fork and how to fold the napkin? There are golden rules of dining etiquette that go beyond saying 'please' and 'thank you'. Have your child learn them all in this workshop.

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Nan’s Yum Yum Baking Workshop Cover Image

6 Add a yummy twist to the baking mix

Baking teddy bear cookies or funny-faced pizzas, it all sounds so much fun! Kids will enjoy this flavourful baking workshop as they bake yummy eggless goodies and get to take them all home.

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Tree Walk – Let’s reconnect! Cover Image

7 Savour and save the green cover

In this materialistic age where steel buildings are given more importance than century old trees, it's time we restore balance by connecting with trees and protecting Nature. Join this interesting tree walk to know how.

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Kids Eggless Workshop Cover Image

8 Play a baker's role this summer

Vacations mean cakes, chocolates, brownies and all the yummy treats. How about letting your teens learn to bake and take them home? This fun baking workshop has a handful of eggless goodies in store along with recipe booklets.

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Picture Treasure Hunt – Pirates Cover Image

9 Ahoy! Is that a treasure there?

Wear the pirate's hat and hunt for the hidden gems. Now, doesn't that sound really exciting? While the kids have fun, they'll also be imbibing important skills like problem-solving and orienteering by solving picture clues.

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Sunday Reading for children aged 6 to 600 Cover Image

10 Read, re-think, re-imagine the stories

Reading is one of the ways to open the mind to newer perspectives and possibilities. How about a workshop that takes reading a step further by having rehearsed readings by trained actors that will set the kids' creativity rolling! Interested? Don't be late.

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