Top 20 Kids Events to plan ahead for this Weekend

Top 20 Kids Events to plan ahead for this Weekend Cover Image

It’s time to put some fun back into your weekend! BuzzingBubs is back with a guide to some of the best and most exciting things to do with your little explorers.

If you’ve been following us, you’d know that BuzzingBubs’ thoughtfully created Weekend Planner week after week is your best guide for things to do with kids in Bangalore.

This weekend, it’s Mother’s Day! Don’t miss the special sessions for mums and kids from danciing, bird watching, baking and so much more. Make your mum feel special, kids. LEGO is here in town with a brand new line of toys. Do visit Orion Mall in the next few days. Dad, there’s something for you as well. Don’t fret. Details below!

This is a curated list. If you’re looking for specific events in your area, do check here.


LEGO Amazing Builds Kids Carnival Cover Image

1 Don't miss this LEGO carnival!

Attend this amazing LEGO carnival where kids will be inspired by LEGO builders to use their imagination and creativity to build with LEGO bricks. Grab a chance to take home Charlie The Chameleon, mascot!

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Paw’s Crazy Saturday Cover Image

2 Save your energy for crazy Saturdays

Have super fun playing traditional games, dancing, listening to stories, and lots more at Cubby Tales. This event happens every Saturday at the Hebbal branch.

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Let Me Paint A Story With You Cover Image

3 Carry on without us, say the crayons!

What happens when the crayons refuse to colour and want their demands to be met? Join these creative moms as they bring you a fun interpretation of this story with lots of colouring, song, dance and imagination.

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Awaken The Scientist In Your Child Cover Image

4 Ask! Bask in the glow, as you know

Arouse the curiosity of the kids. Let them ask questions that will unlock the answers to the scientific concepts through games and hands-on activities. They can even take back home working models. What fun!

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Herb Trails Cover Image

5 Use herbs to heal; say all izz well!

Discover the healing powers of various herbs through fun multi-sensorial activities. You can use the knowledge to plant them at home. Double the session up with a fantastic story telling by Priya Muthukumar.

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Earth and Sky Matters Cover Image

6 Be a gentle herder or a curious stargazer

Spend the evening meeting the rescued cattle in the gaushala and their gentle caretakers and then behold the beauty of the night by gazing the stars with professional astronomers.

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Daddy’s Day Out Cover Image

7 Dads, gather some colourful moments!

Dads, guilty of missing out on spending quality time with your kids? Here's a chance to bond with your kid over art and painting.

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Mother and Child Naturalist Camp Cover Image

8 Go wild this Mother's Day!

Moms, celebrate Mother's Day by going on a two-day camp with your kids. The Outback experience along with wildlife photography would be just the perfect break for you.

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Mother’s Day Celebration at Kidz Mania Cover Image

9 Become a child this Mother's Day

Mother's Day is a time for some special celebrations. Enjoy the day by making crafts, dancing and playing games with your kids.

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Stories Starring Birds Cover Image

10 Flock here for some feathered tales

Is your child a fan of birds? Then, he/she would enjoy this story session where it's all about the feathered friends.

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Vintage Cars with LEGO Cover Image

11 Bring back the vintage with LEGO!

It's just not any other car modelling session. It's LEGO and vintage cars! Can it get better? Yes, kids will learn more than just assembling the pieces. They will learn skills like problem-solving, work as a team and much more.

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Kolam Art For Beginners Cover Image

12 Join the dots, make a beautiful pattern!

Kids, are you in awe of those intricate kolams that your mom effortlessly creates during festivals? Well, here's your chance to learn the many varieties and art of drawing rangoli and listen to some stories too. Don't miss this!

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Acrylic & Glass Painting Workshop Cover Image

13 Create magic on glass and paper

Learn all about glass painting and techniques of acrylic painting in this step-by-step guided workshop. Kids get to take home their masterpieces.

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DIY Puppet Making Cover Image

14 Transform plastics to pretty Puppets

Puppets out of plastic bottles? Yes, now you can make beautiful Puppets from waste, learn about rod puppets and get creative at this workshop.

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Carpentry Workshop Cover Image

15 Cut, carve, scrape a wooden surface

Fancy making an artefact or a decor piece out of wood? Join this DIY workshop with your kids and have them experience the joy of working with tools. The tools are completely child safe, so rest assured.

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Baking Event For Kids Cover Image

16 Pick a cup, bake a quickie

Cake in a mug? Yes, they are simple and very delicious. Have your kids learn some peanut chocolate clusters from Vidyalakshmi.

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ROBO-G Workshop Cover Image

17 Engineer a robotic troubleshooter

Use the STEM tools to build machines and while you're at it, learn to solve problems as a team and come up with creative solutions. This Robotics workshop will teach you to do all of the above and more!

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Traditional Games and the stories that they tell Cover Image

18 Play Chaupad, not Ludo!

Do your kids know about our traditional games? This workshop introduces them to some of our games along with the stories they are associated with. They can choose to then play any 3 of the games.

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Mother’s Day Special Dancercise Fun Hour Cover Image

19 Mums, stretch your arms, shake a leg too!

Exercise on a Sunday morning makes you yawn? Then, how about some energizing dance steps to go along? You'll have some fun company too. Come to Cubbon Park and start Mother's Day on an exciting note.

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