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One Move

About One Move

One Move has professional trainers who specialise in styles like Bollywood, Hip-hop, Contemporary, Jazz, Classical, Folk, Latin, and Acrobatics. Their dance Academy for kids called ‘I Can Dance’ has a well-designed curriculum that incorporates forms like Freestyle, hip-Hop, Bollywood, Jazz, Contemporary, Folk and Latin. They also include theater, gymnastics, games, and other activities etc to make the sessions fun and interesting.

One Move strives to build a child’s confidence and character of the mind while ┬ádeveloping strength, coordination, rhythm, flexibility and fluidity of the body. While all the students get an opportunity to participate in their annual program, “Heartbeats” and┬ákids with exceptional talent get to be a part of a professional team that is then trained for various talent hunt shows, reality shows, dance festivals, movies, etc.

Classes offered at One Move

Dance Classes
✓ Bollywood✓ Contemporary✓ Folk Dance✓ Jazz✓ Latin
Age group
4 -15 yrs
Batch timings

They have classes from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm with 3 batch slots.

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