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Mount Litera Zee

About Mount Litera Zee

Mount Litera Zee School is an endeavor by the Essel Group led by Shri Subhash Chandra to prepare leaders of the 21st century through its Education arm, Mount Litera Zee School. Mount Litera Zee School is an innovation Leader in Indian Education since 1994. Brain science and human development research confirm that school years play a defining role in ‘our sense of self’ and ‘our view of life’.

Key Facilities
  • Transportation
  • Swimming Pool
  • Playground
  • Tennis Court
  • Basketball Court
Co-ed School
Board of Education
CBSE Board
Curriculum Details

Mount Litera Zee School, East Bangalore has a proven curriculum developed by both NCERT and CBSE the country’s best educational systems of the age. Our aim is to provide the essential academic, social and physical skills that a child needs in this challenging world. It ensures a positive, safe, nurturing environment to enhance learning by establishing and maintaining a high level of academic and behavioural expectations.

The school curriculum features the Interactive learning system for effective implementation the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) and the Grading System of Assessment introduced by CBSE in the recent years.

Admission Details
  • Parents interested in applying can fill up the Enquiry Form here.
  • Parents interested in Registering their child, can download the Registration Form here.
  • Parents can collect the admission application form for Rs.500/- from the school office or download it here.
  • In case the form is downloaded from the site, Rs 500/- to be paid to the office at the time of submission of form.
  • Duly filled form along with all the necessary documents to be submitted to the school between Monday to Saturday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.
  • Parents are requested to visit the school and complete the formalities.
  • Admission will be confirmed on receipt of fee payable at the time of admission.
  • In order to visit the school please call or e-mail to set up an appointment.
Classes & Cut-off Age
Class Age Group
Nursery 2 years 6 months
Jr Kg 3 years 6 months
Sr Kg 4 years 6 months
Grade 1 5 years 2 months
Grade 2 6 years 2 months
  • Classrooms: Well lit and ventilated classrooms
  • Labs: Science labs, computer labs and an english lab
  • Library
  • Audio visual room
  • Offers music, dance, arts n craft activities
  • Offers Fine arts, performing arts and applied arts
  • Yoga
  • Outdoor sports: basketball, tennis, skating, swimming and karate
  • Offers language enrichment programs ERP (English Enrichment Program) and HRP ( Hindi Enrichment Program
Indoor Sports
✓ Karate: Karate
Outdoor Sports & Facilities
✓ Basketball Court✓ Skating✓ Swimming
Safety Features
  • The School has procedures in place to ensure that the physical environment of the school is safe.
  • There is only a single access point of entrance for visitors, which is closely monitored at various points.
  • Visitor’s policy requires every visitor to sign in or show proper identification or wear ID tags.
  • The campus is under close circuit camera surveillance
School Van
  • School staff is well trained and receive extensive routine training in driving, housekeeping and first aid.
  • A matron accompanies the students in every bus
  • Speed governors and GPS is fitted in all their buses.
  • Please get in touch with the school for further information on the transportation system.